WeTek Play Android & Linux DVB-S2 / DVB-C/T/T2 Receivers are Now Available for 109 Euros

I reviewed Wetek Play Android media player with a DVB-S2 tuner this summer, and although I found it pretty good for a dual core media player, and liked its PVR functions, more work was needed to fix several bugs, and improve “WeTek Theater Live TV” app. Several months later, they must consider their devices ready, as they’ve now launched their online store selling the DVB-S2 and DVB-C/T/T2 versions for 109 Euros, and a version without DVB tuner for 99 Euros, all including free shipping worldwide.
Wetek_PlayLet’s remind us of the specifications:

  • SoC – Amlogic AML8726-MX dual core Cortex A9 @ 1.5GHz with a dual core Mali-400MP GPU
  • System Memory – 1GB DDR3
  • Storage – 4 GB NAND flash + 1x micro SD slot
  • Video Output – HDMI, AV (CVBS + R/L audio)
  • Audio Output – HDMI, AV, and optical S/PDIF
  • Tuners – DVB-S2, or DVB-C/DVB-T/DVB-T2 depending on model with two antenna connectors. ATSC and ISDBT versions may also be in the works based on the released datasheet.
  • Connectivity – 10/100M Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi , and Bluetooth 4.0 (AP6210)
  • USB – 3x external USB 2.0 ports, 2x internal USB 2.0 ports (used by anti-copy USB token, and RF dongle for remote)
  • Debugging – Serial debug port
  • Misc – IR receiver, 3 LEDs for power, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, RS-232 port for serial console.
  • Power – 12V/1.5A
When I received WeTek Play package it included the media player, a 12V/1.5A power supply, a RS232 serial cable for debugging, a IR + RF remote, and a registration card to activate your device online. The retail package will include all that, plus an HDMI cable, and a multilingual Quick Start Guide.
WeTek Play DVB-C/T/T2

Beside running Android 4.4, the company also provided me with some images for Lubuntu 14.04, Linux Enlightement, CyanogenMod, AOKP, OMNI ROM, and PanaroidAndroid, as well as CWM and TWRP recovery. But these are rather old, so I’d wait for the latest images on their Download page (now empty, except user’s guide). More recently, I’ve also received links to the latest OpenElec 5.0 and Android 4.2 images. You might also find more details on WeTek forum, where the Linux section is moderated by codesnake an active OpenElec developer. The device is also one of the rare Android media players to be get the Google GMS certification.

Further details can be found on WeTek Play product page.

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27 Replies to “WeTek Play Android & Linux DVB-S2 / DVB-C/T/T2 Receivers are Now Available for 109 Euros”

  1. I think the price is too expensive, and that the work is easy enough to put on a MX because Amlogic no longer support DVB from versions M8.
    Apart compatibility OpenELEC I find that there is no interest in buying it.

    See also less expensive :

  2. @CSylvain
    It’s clear that it’s not the cheapest device around. However, the package includes an Air mouse (usually $15 to $25), and the price includes 22% VAT. So if you buy outside Europe, the price might actually be 85 Euros, let’s remove an extra 15 Euros for the air mouse, the price goes to 70 Euros, or about $85, which is still higher than $70 DVB-T2 box, but not that much, and the software will be better, and you’ve got multiple OS images and forum support. So I still think the price is fair.

    Having said that, and based on my experience, one of the advantages of purchasing on Aliexpress or most Chinese websites is that you can dodge the VAT most of the time.

    It’s not so interesting as a Android media player only, but the version with DVB tuners might be, for example if you need a PVR for free-to-air channels.

  3. Do you know, whether there will be a future version sporting maybe a decent quad core with mali 450?

    I really like the DVB-S2 integration, although hardware that makes casual gaming possible would be even nicer and make this a complete allround box.
    Are there any other devices with this kind of hardware (quad core CPU, at least mali 450 and 2 GB of RAM) that support DVB-S2, Android Apps and XBMC/Kodi (not necessarily via Live TV in XBMC)?

    I would be glad if any of you could give me some advice.


  4. Yes, it will be officially supported. First Wetek then some other Amlogic based systems. And also 2 new i.MX6 based devices.

  5. @David
    Only Amlogic offers tuners “GPIO”, otherwise it is necessary to use “Tuner-USB”.
    I asked a question similar to “Amlogic” and they answered me that will no longer support the versions “M8”.
    There is an interesting project that was born (E2BMC) which is developed by Korean (luka.tv), a video was released recently :
    As against the price of the “Mutant HD2400” is very uplifting, I hope one day a box “ARM” like this !


  6. I bought cheap DVB-S2 at last year’s AliExpress sale. It locked up on sat channel scanning. I had dispute with the seller for a month, at the end with 3rd firmware they sent to me it didn’t lock up. I didn’t have sat installed yet though at that time. It tool few month to get dish installed, and then turned out mediaplayer doesn’t detect any sat channel. Couple of weeks later, after soldering serial, turned out they sent me hacked DVB-T firmware. Searching interwebs, many people who bought the same-looking cheap model had the same problem with lockups, no matter which firmware they (and I) tried.

    This year’s Ali sale, I bought a windows tablet. It came with broken screen, because bastard seller didn’t even pack it well. The seller plays fool, so I’m waiting till I will be able to escalate dispute, so it then spend 2-3 months in Ali support’s queue, with unknown outcome (a lot of people are ordered to send crap back, which is usually ~ 50% of price paid, and if seller is real fraudster, they can reject to return money still).

    Buy cheap stuff, people, it’s *so* much fun!

  7. @CSylvain
    Sadly though, ~350€ for the HD2400 is much more than I am willing to spend. Plus I won’t be able to play games on it.

    But do you or does anyone else know which Android box features the best hardware AND is capable of using a USB DVB-S2 tuner or has one builtin? I have a Technisat SkyStar USB HD which I wanted to use with my Raspberry Pi, but – as it turned out – the Pi was not capable of being the TVHeadend server and XBMC client simultaneously without severe lags.
    Is there any AML platform that allows me to implement exactly this setup (DVB-S2 LiveTV via Android-App as in the WeTek Play or via XBMC-LiveTV client and some server application) while having enough power to play 3D Android games? That would be an awesome christmas present to make myself.


  8. @David
    I’ve been told by Vigica, they’d have quad core boxes with DVB tuners next year.

    Otherwise, but it’s a bit more risky, you could get an ODROID-C1 (Amlogic S805) with should have source code (linux) + XBMC Linux support, and use your DVB-S2 tuner with this board. It may require some work, but since it works on the R-Pi, and it’s just a USB device, it should be relatively easy to backport support for that board, or it may even already be there.

    An Android image will also be available as the board ships, but source code will only be available in February (which may be important in case you need to change something).

  9. @David

    In that case You need WeTek Play without tuners, and to install OpenELEC 5.0 and connect Your tuner by USB to WeTek Play and to use it in combination with tvheadend.

  10. @cnxsoft @kusta
    Thanks for your replies!

    I guess I will have to wait for a more powerful device that has a builtin tuner and supports dual booting.

    It does not really matter to me, whether I can use the LiveTV functionality of Kodi, so Kodi as an Android app OR an Android app that supports my tuner would just be fine.
    Maybe I will just wait for the DV7810-S2 http://en.sdmctech.com/index.php/Products/content/id/75 to show up for private customers or as Jean-Luc suggested for a Vigica device (any specs yet? An Android solution like the WeTek Play would just be awesome!).
    Although codesnake has ported OpenElec to the M8 which should support my USB tuner, there is (as far as I’m aware) currently no way to achieve a dual boot setup that still allows me to play games on Android and use e.g. the browser as the WeTek does.

    If it wasn’t for the inferior hardware, I would definitely settle for the WeTek in a second, but I don’t think it is equipped well enough to allow a decent gaming experience (with a wireless USB XBOX controller). Or can anyone prove me wrong?

    Bye and thanks again!

  11. @droidelec
    Not even a line on the thank you codesnake which has done a tremendous job, certainly with much difficulty. 🙁
    Aside from him, no one has managed to do a version AML.

  12. @cnxsoft
    Thank you for this great news 😉
    I hope that also add support DVB-CI+ because the offer DVB-S2 without interface CAM or even smart card, it is useless for those wishing to watch pay channels.

  13. Will it be possibl, using this device, to stream channels received through the “antenna” cable to others using internet?

  14. I will wait for a newer version of WeTek Play that is build on AMLogic S805 or S812 instead.

    @CSylvain Pretty sure that Codesnake is a member of the OpenELEC project now?

  15. @adem

    I think what a lot of people seem to be missing (Obviously including you) with the AML8726-MX, is stability.
    Such a rush for the quad core and octa core etc. Give me a stable device over a rushed one any day.
    iPhone 6 plus uses the same tech from an ‘old’ Note. But you can’t fault iOS, it’s smooth and fluent.
    I’m not comparing the two, but as far as Chinese Android boxes go, the AML8726-MX is consistently the most stable. S802, S805, S812 devices aren’t yet. And i abhor Rockchip for now.

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