RaidSonic Releases Firmware and Source Code for Atheros AR9331 Wi-Fi Audio Streamers

RaidSonic is a German company releasing products such as media players and multimedia accessories under their ICY BOX brand. One of those products is ICY Box IB-MP401Air music streaming received based on Atheros AR9331, and that looks very similar to SoundMate M2 I reviewed last year.

SoundMate M2 (Click to Enlarge)
SoundMate M2 (Click to Enlarge)

But if you look on their product page, you’ll find out a few download links:

So I’ve downloaded the source code file (IB-MP401Air_Sources_and%20License_Terms.rar) to have a look. It has two compressed files, one with the license, and IB-MP401Air_Sources.tar.gz with the source code.


The file showing how to build the firmware (OpenWRT) explains you should not use a newer Linux distribution:

Please note that this is an older OpenWrt version that might not build on newer distributions like Fedora 19 or later. If you want to build the firmware on a newer distribution you might need to get extra patches from OpenWrt to work around compilation errors. As an alternative you can install an older Linux distribution to build this firmware on.

Fedora 19 was released in July 2013, but I’ve still tried to build it on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine, and it failed:

cd dns320B_GPL20150212/
x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc -std=gnu99 -I. -O2 -I/media/hdd/edev/sandbox/soundmate/dns320B_GPL20150212/dns320B_GPL20150212/staging_dir/host/include -O2 -I/media/hdd/edev/sandbox/soundmate/dns320B_GPL20150212/dns320B_GPL20150212/staging_dir/host/include -MT clean-temp.o -MD -MP -MF .deps/clean-temp.Tpo -c -o clean-temp.o clean-temp.c
In file included from clean-temp.h:22:0,
from clean-temp.c:23:
./stdio.h:477:1: error: ‘gets’ undeclared here (not in a function)
_GL_WARN_ON_USE (gets, “gets is a security hole – use fgets instead”);

It might build better on older Linux distributions, although you may still have to be ready to fix build errors on the way.

Thanks to dhead666 for the tip. Via OpenWRT Forums.

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Also, beware: an old OpenWRT release will use old software that may have security breaches (e.g. see )


First to port OpenELEC Linux distro and Kodi to this thing gets a cookie 😉


It doesn’t have a display (as far as I can see), what good would Kodi be?


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Team Kodi are working on working on a Headless (“Server”) version of Kodi.

Headless version of Kodi can act as a media server and hi-fi music player.