How to Resize Android’s Internal Storage Partition in Rockchip Devices

I installed Light Biz OS firmware on GeekBox yesterday, but I’ve quickly realized many applications such as Gimp Inkscape would not install due to the small 1.94GB “internal partition”, so I asked how to increase the partition size in GeekBox forums last evening, and got an answer overnight from “dewet”.

The good news is that it worked so I’ll share the steps I followed in a computer running Ubuntu 14.04. It might also be possible to perform the same tasks within a Windows machine with Rorkchip’s Factory tools

    1. First let’s download the utils with relevant scripts and binaries:
    2. Now copy your device or board’s firmware file “update.img” to the working directory, and unpack it:

      The output should look like:

      The files will be in the “output” directory.
    3. For our purpose “parameter” file, and especially the last line (CMDLINE) where we will want to adjust the userdata partition size:
    4. The partitions are defined with size@start_address, so we’ll want to change userdata size, and shift the start_address of the remaining partitions with the extra size added to userdata. This can be done manually in a Linux editor, but I played it safe and instead downloaded and installed RK_ParamEd.exe for windows, and change the 2048 MB set for userdata partition to 6144MB (6 GB).RK_ParamEdSave, and we can see how the end of CMDLINE changed:
    5. Now we can repack the image, after moving the content from the output directory to rockdev directory.

      A successful repacking should look as follows:
    6. Now flash update.img firmware back to your Rockchip device in Linux or Windows.
    7. Done! I now have a 6GB internal storage partition in Android 5.1 based Light Biz OS operating system.
6GB "Internal Storage" Partition in Light Biz OS (Click to Enlarge)
6GB “Internal Storage” Partition in Light Biz OS (Click to Enlarge)
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5 Replies to “How to Resize Android’s Internal Storage Partition in Rockchip Devices”

  1. I Was trying to resize partition for internal storage on my android image and found a trouble

    start to unpack update.img…
    ********RKImageMaker ver 1.63********
    Unpacking image, please wait…
    Error:Check update.img failed!
    Press any key to quit:

    Do you have any advice?

  2. Here is a much simpler way.
    Step one use rkflashtool to back up the raw image and change the partition.txt to the size your want it and reflash it and back up the new image thats bigger.
    Step two mount both the images as loop devices. Like so:
    losetup -f User1gig.img
    losetup -f User2gig.img
    Step three sinces they are raw ext3 or ext4 images your can just use dd to clone them.
    dd if=/dev/loop1 of=/dev/loop0
    Now just resize /dev/loop0 with gparted.
    loop -d /dev/loop0 / 1
    Now you just reflash back your new image resized to whatever you want it 🙂

  3. hello
    its possible increase partition recovery android ?
    use program RK PARAM???

    you suggestions step by step examples, to recovery???

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