VATek VMB8202D Enmoder SoC Supports DVB, ATSC, DTMB and ISDB Modulation, H.264 & MPEG-2 Encoding up to 1080p30

Terrestrial digital TV transmitters normally cost over 1,000 dollars because there are usually implemented with expensive FPGA chips, but Taiwan based VATek has designed a low cost chips such as VMB8202D Enmoder (aka B2 Enmoder) capable of encoding 1080p60 video input to MPEG-2  (1080p30 max) or H.264 (SD resolution max), and transmitting the resulting video over DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC, DTMB, or ISDB-T standards.

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VATek B2 Enmoder SoC specifications:

  • CPU – 32-bit RISC @ 400MHz
  • Memory – Built-in DDR
  • Modulation Engine – VATek Multi-standard Modulator 1.0 ATSC / DTMB / DVB-T / DVB-C
  • Media Encoder – VATek Ultral Low Latency HD Encoder supporting 1080p30 or SD MPEG-2 and SD H.264 encoding
  • Audio Formats – MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC
  • Raw Video Inputs – 1x ITU-R BT.1120 or 2x ITU-R BT.656 up to 74.25MHz pixel clock
  • Raw Audio Inputs – I2S up to 48kHz sample rate
  • Stream Input Interface – Ethernet,  Transport Serial serial interface, or USB 2.0 device
  • Stream Engine – Auto Stream Regulator / Advance Header generator
  • Encryption – DVB CSA V1 & V2 / Triple DES
  • Baseband outputs – IQ / IF up to 50MHz
  • MER (modulation error rate) – 45.08 dB as measured with Agilent N9010 signal analyzer.
  • Peripheral I/O – UART / I2C / SPI
  • Control Interfaces – I2C / USB
  • Control Protocol – VATek Gateway for I2C & USB
  • Typical Power Consumption – 2.5 W
  • Operating Temperature – 0 to 70 deg. C
  • Package – 128-LQFP package

VATEK_B2_ENMODER_Modulation_CapabilitiesThe company informed me that the chip supports Linux, and there API allows for control of many of the video encoder and modulation parameters, including bit rate, latency, GOP, quant control, and frequency, bandwidth, FFT, GI, code rate… They also have sample code for STmicro STM32 to control the chip via I2C on their reference/evaluation platform.

VATek also have a modular only chip (A1) without video encoder where the video encoding must be handled by a external processor (e.g. ARM SoC), as well as a lower end B1 Enmoder chip called that supports 720p60 max, and the same modulation standards as B2, except ISDB-T.

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DTV modulation platform – Click to Enlarge

The company is also working on DTV modulation boards based on B1 and B2 that will be open source hardware with both API tools, PCB layout, etc.. released, so that developers can integrates the board into drones, use for HAM radio, and surveillance or DTV applications. The solution will be launched on Kickstarter in a few weeks for around $200 (A1 board + RF board) and $400 (B2 board + RF board + video input board as pictured above).

You can contact the company or find some more info on VATek Enmoder product page.

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12 Replies to “VATek VMB8202D Enmoder SoC Supports DVB, ATSC, DTMB and ISDB Modulation, H.264 & MPEG-2 Encoding up to 1080p30”

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your unique informative post which is attaining more information. Keep on blogging like this unique informative post with us.

  2. @rasz_pl
    No actual numbers. The datasheet extract I have only mentions “VATek B2 ENMODER (VMB8202D) is a highly integrated SoC, with built-in ultra Low-Latency Encoder”.

  3. @rasz_Pl…..See the linked website…..””””Inside VMB8201D ENMODER, there is a ultra-low-latency
    HD video encoder. A Real Game Changer for Digital TV Head-Ends Capable to encode HD 720P
    video in realtime, with extremly low latency of 0.2S or less. “”””

  4. What is the FEC in the block diagram? The bottom diagram blue arrow suggests the output VaTek system is connected to the raw input.

    As a means of video distribution, this looks like a great solution.. surprised however that there isn’t support for hdmi input.

  5. Ben,
    FEC means “forward error correction”.
    BT656/601 format is include the HDMI interface, loot at the EVB picture, the video board has HDMI and CVBS port.

  6. @ben
    Hey Ben,

    In fact that chip does support RAW & Stream (through USB / serial TS or RMII interfaces) inputs.
    with the BT.656 & BT.1120 ports on board.
    makes it able to support different types of video interface, including HDMI, CVBS…

  7. @xcore
    This might be an easier device to add OBE support to : It’s a USB DVB-T modulator which has been out for a while.

    There are two Linux drivers for it – one official (kernel based) and an unofficial one which is based in user space. And it has OpenCaster support. I don’t think Kieran has implemented any support for it – but if OBE can output a fixed bitrate video stream it should be possible to package and modulate it.

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