BusyBotNet is a Fork of Busybox with Security Tools

Busybox provides a lightweight version of common command line utilities normally found on “big” Linux into a single binary, in order to bring them to embedded systems with limited memory and storage. As more and more embedded systems are now connected to the Internet, or as they are called nowadays the Internet of Things nodes, adding security tools, such as cryptographic utilities, could prove useful for administrators of such system, and so BusyBotNet project wsa born out of a fork of Busybox.

Some of the tools implemented include:

  • fenc to encrypt stuff with salsa algo
  • tsh. needs work, backdoor shell aes enc
  • rathole backdoor shell, blowfish enc
  • ssyn2 ddos tool
  • sudp udp ddos tool
  • jshon sh wrapper for json
  • hydra
  • prism userspace icmp triggered reverse shell backdoor

You can access the source code and instructions on busyboxnet github repo.

I’ve quickly tried it in my AMD x86 computer running Ubuntu 14.04 using BusyBotNet default settings:

You could run make menuconfig to add or remove the tools as needed.

The resulting binary was 3.1MB large, and compiled with the defined functions:

The promised tools are indeed installed:

Loading this version of busybox in shipping products could seriously backfire if your device is hacked, so I guess some of the tools would have to be disabled, or/and  only be used for internal testing.

Via n0where

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2 Replies to “BusyBotNet is a Fork of Busybox with Security Tools”

  1. Hello, I am one of the authors of busybotnet. We appreciate the publicity. We are looking for talented C coders, so please do work with us on github if you like our project and can code! You can reach us at busybotnet@gmx.com if you have questions. Thanks for covering us.

    zoobab :
    It would be handy to have this busybox as a static binary or package for all openwrt/lede supported arches.

    Busybotnet is compiled statically by default (I think), make sure you set the static build option in make menuconfig if not. There are a couple of binaries prebuilt in the source btw.

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