Giveaway Week – ESP32 PICO Kit v3 Boards

I don’t have one, but eight boards to give away to four winners (2 each) with Espressif Systems ESP32 PICO Kit v3 board based on ESP32-PICO-D4 SIP, an all-in one package with ESP32, 4MB SPI flash, crystal oscillator, and passive components, which allows for smaller boards.

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The board is very similar to any other ESP32 boards, and software compatible, but it’s just quite thinner, and easier to work with on breadboards. Since I had already played with Arduino Core and Espruino (JavaScript) on other boards, I used one of the 10 boards provided by Espressif to play with Micropyhon on ESP32.

Each winner will get two ESP32 PICO Core board in order to make it worthwhile with regards to shipping costs.

To enter the draw simply leave a comment below. Other rules are as follows:

  • Only one entry per contest. I will filter out entries with the same IP and/or email address.
  • Contests are open for 48 hours starting at 10am (Bangkok time) every day. Comments will be closed after 48 hours.
  • Winners will be selected with, and announced in the comments section of each giveaway.
  • I’ll contact the winners by email, and I’ll expect an answer within 24 hours, or I’ll pick another winner.
  • Shipping
    • $4 for registered airmail small packet for oversea shipping payable via Paypal within 48 hours once the contest (for a given product) is complete.
    • If Paypal is not available in your country, you can still play, and I’ll cover the cost of sending the parcel by Sea and Land (SAL) without registration if you win.
  • I’ll post all 10 prizes at the same time, around the 8th of November
  • I’ll make sure we have 10 different winners, so if you have already won a device during this giveaway week, I’ll draw another person.

Good luck!

The boards above are not for sale yet, but the similar ESP32-PICO motherboard is sold for $16 on Tindie. Alternatively, you could contact Espressif Systems, if you are interested in getting ESP32 PICO Core samples.

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240 Replies to “Giveaway Week – ESP32 PICO Kit v3 Boards”

  1. These boards look fantastic!
    I have a few Arduino projects that I’ve been looking to switch to ESP32 and these boards are just perfect.

  2. It seems many people are moving to ESP32, but in my opinion this is quite disputable solution. ADC problems, no full SDK support of hardware. No proper IDE with debugger etc.

  3. I need them sincerely to experiment.
    Hope I’ll be one of them to win

    ESP32 is a great platform I wanted to work on.

  4. There’s a lot more lurkers here thatn I would have though. That’s great news. I saw a review of these boards and was pretty impressed. *cross fingers*

  5. Cool board. Now i’m developing system for remote controlling of heating car (like in north countries). And ESP32 could be like server for lot of node’s.

  6. I hope there will be some modules, smaller than ESP-WROOM32, based on ESP32-PICO-D4 SIP, for easy soldering, but not in breadboard format.

  7. Nice boards, even outside of the giveaway^^ Those slim form factors are great for prototyping.

  8. I’d like to join this raffle!
    And thanks for your generosity, it’s very much appreciated!

  9. That was a popular contest with 239 entries.
    Now the fun begins as Mr Random has to select 4 winners:
    Winner 1: 122 -> Nobody of Import
    Winner 2: 204 -> Andrius Kurtinaitis
    Winner 3: 17 -> Kebab
    Winner 4: 218 -> renw0rp

    Two winners did not reply in time, so I have to draw again:
    Winner 1(a): #236 -> BobR (re-instated to to miscommunication. Sent: 1x ESP32 PICO Kit + LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo)
    Winner 4: #95 -> Zoobab

    Still looking for one more winner, so one more draw:
    Winner 1: #112 -> Sollie

    Congratulations to all winners, emails sent.

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