Wibeee Power Monitoring Device Plugs right into Your Home’s Circuit Breaker Box

We’ve covered several smart plugs or switches capable of monitoring electricity consumption and displaying results right in a smarphone app, or computer’s web browser with products such as Sonoff S31 or Broadlink SP2 WiFi smart sockets, or Sonoff POW switch. Those work for individual plugs, but if you want to cover your full house, you’d need several of those, and in some case it may not be so convenient as no plugs may be available for example for lights or air conditioner.

Smilics Technologies has come up with an easier method, although less granular, thanks to their WIBEEE device that clips to your fuse / circuit breaker box using DINZERO “clip-on” technology, and available in single and  three phase models.

Single-phase and Three-phase Wibeee Devices

Main features:

  • Voltage Range – 85 to 265 V AC @ 50 ~ 60 Hz with 2% accuracy + variation in range of use depending on temperature, humidity, etc…
  • Current Range – 500mA to 65A with 2% accuracy + variation in range of use
  • Power Accuracy – 4% + variation in range of use
  • Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, AES128 encryption
  • Misc – Red LED for power, Blue LED for WiFi status
  • Power Consumption – 1.5 to 4.5W
  • Safety – Double isolation; II IEC/EN 61010-1:2010 protection class
  • Safety standards – UNE-EN61010-2-03, UNE-EN 61326-1:2006, EN 301 489-17 V2.2.1
  • Certifications – FCC, ETSI, IC
  • Temperature range – -10 to 45°C
  • Max altitude – 2000 meters

Hardware installation is explained in the video below, and it looks very easy not requiring a certified electrician for installation (although you may want to check your country regulations and/or home insurance company first).

Once the device is clipped to your fuse box, it will power on and start in access point mode. You can then install the Android or iOS app to complete configuration, or access the web dashboard from any browser using IP address, where you’ll be able to see details daily power consumption, expected bill, and monthly power consumption.

Android app – Click to Enlarge
Power Consumption Chart & Data in Android Tablet – Click to Enlarge

You’ll find more details including a multilingual user manual on the product page. The downside is that it appears to be for sale in Spain only, and the only English speaking website I found is AlphaOmega Electronics which offers the single-phase version for 135 Euros, and the three-phase model for 190 Euros. Wibeee is also sold under the CIRCUTOR brand on Carlos Alcaraz online shop (Spanish only). If you’re interested in other smart power monitoring solution, you may want to browse Wibeee website as they have other products suitable for both home and industrial markets.

Via Gadgetoadicto

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8 Replies to “Wibeee Power Monitoring Device Plugs right into Your Home’s Circuit Breaker Box”

  1. If it works anything like neurio, it shouldn’t be any less granular, as individual devices can be detected by switching them on one by one. This is a much nicer design though, although a bit limited as to where it can be used. At least installation is a breeze and doesn’t require an electrician to be involved.

  2. I worry about electrics in the home. If you have a electrical fire in your house, do you risk having the insurance company saying ” whats is this device, who fitted it, and is it approved and tested for use? ”

    Or am I being to picky?

    I am in UK

  3. > I am in UK

    So what? In North Korea, one can go to jail if they find a foreign badge or piece of paper in one’s home, they definitely have it cooler in there than you.

  4. @theguyuk

    If you’re going down that route then it’s important to know the standards it has:
    UNE-EN61010-2-03, UNE-EN 61326-1:2006, EN 301 489-17 V2.2.1

    UNE-EN61010 which is BS EN 61010-2-101:2002 is present so if it meets or exceeds that of the breaker box you have nothing to worry about. I bet you have loads of Chinese AC adapters which are to a way lower standard than the above product.

  5. It is those safety ratings like UNE-EN61010 that ensure the device is covered by insurance. That is why I complain every time I see products listed on CNX that have not been safety tested. Sooner or later some company is going to ship an untested product and it will start a fire and kill someone. Police will be then looking for someone to put in jail for negligent homicide.

  6. Great concept, but the spec is light on detail – eg.does not state if the power in Watts takes PF into account, PF not shown in the few example screens shown (I read the product manual) does not state if ADCs autoranging or what the accuracy is when measuring low power. Is own consumption stated as 1.5 to 4.5W – which I guess may be 3 Watts, is quite high, bearing in mind that ESP32 type SBCs that could form the heart of this function can achieve far lower consumption if suitable sleep states used in the design. Price is a bit high, but guess that is the cost of all that certification and what looks like a quality box.

  7. @theguyuk
    For FCC and UL certifications there are databases where you can look up a manufacturer to see if their certifications are real or not. Sadly with CE, there’s not such thing.

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