Arm ServerReady is a Compliance Program for Arm-based Servers

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The Server Base System Architecture (SBSA) specification was unveiled in 2014 in order to standardize all Arm based servers and let them all run the same operating system images. However so far, manufacturers would just test specification requirements by themselves without having their claims fully tested and certificated.

Arm ServerReadyThat’s why Arm has just unveiled the Arm ServerReady certification program for Arm based servers which relies on the Architecture Compliance Suite (ACS) for SBSA and SBBR (Server Base Boot Requirements) verification.

Basically the servers must be able to boot standard operating systems and run the ACS. The servers that pass the ACS are then granted the Arm ServerReady certificate.

The current Arm ServerReady version 1.0 certification utilizes ACS version 1.6 for  testing SBSA version 3.1 and SBBR version 1.0 compliance. Ampere, HXT, Marvell, Qualcomm, as well as ODMs such as Femrice, Gigabyte and UIT have already received Arm ServerReady version 1.0 certificates for some of their servers. It would be good to find a list of Arm ServerReady 1.0 servers, but I was not able to find any at the time. One of the quotes from the announcement reveals Marvell ThunderX2 (previously Cavium) and Ampere eMAG processors passed the certification. You’ll find more details in Arm’s Server and Infrastructure page.

The specifications are still evolving with Arm and  partners working on SBSA  version 5.0, SBBR version 1.1, as well as a new Server Base Manageability Guide (SBMG) specification

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A long-overdue next logical step for an open ecosystem. Of course the devil is always in the details.


Arm always seems to just be on the Horizon but never arrives, as yet.