SKA100 Power Bank Supports 220/110V AC, 12V, and USB PD 3.0 / QC Outputs

Power banks are normally comprised of a battery that you can charge from the mains, and then delivers power over USB when you connect it to your smartphone, tablet or camera while on the go. Some devices like laptops, TVs, or fans are usually powered directly by the mains, or a power brick connected to the mains, and if you’d like to charge your devices on the go, you could do so with a portable AC power station.

Those are often fairly bulky, but recently I’ve seen Arun showcase an AC 100 watt portable power station at IFA 2019 that looks fairly compact. It’s not available yet through, and there are few technical details. There are however several such power banks on Aliexpress including Sungzu SKA100 power bank that offers DC outputs and one 220V/110V AC output delivering up to 100 watts.

SKA100 power bank specifications:

  • Input
    • Voltage Range – 15-30V DC up to 3A via power adapter or solar panel (MPPT technology)
    • USB type-C port up 45W
  • Output
    • 2x USB port up to 5V/ 2.1A
    • 12V jack up to 8A
    • USB Type-C port up to  45W with support for PD 2.0, PD 3.0, QC 2.0, or QC 3.0
    • AC Output – 110V or 220V up to 100 watts
  • Battery – 3.7V/27000mAh
  • Misc – Power button, 11x LEDs
  • Safety – Over-charge protection, over-temperature protection (above 65℃ ), over-load protection, over-voltage protection,  short circuit protection
  • Dimensions – 210 x 135 x 30mm
  • Weight – 1 kg

The power bank is also said to support charging and discharging at the same time. Most AC powered devices consume lots of electricty so usage time will be limited to one or two hours for applications like TVs and car refrigerators.  Based on the info above, you could fully charge a typical laptop once, and  a drone three or more times.

If you’re interested SKA100 AC power bank is sold for $129 on Aliexpress. There are other models, but Aliexpress recent decision to require login for searches made those harder to link to… You should find some in the “realted products” section of the aforelinked page.

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2 Replies to “SKA100 Power Bank Supports 220/110V AC, 12V, and USB PD 3.0 / QC Outputs”

  1. “Aliexpress recent decision to require login for searches”
    Which is the kind of bullsh1t behaviour that near-monopolies have.
    People trusting this site (similar to near-monopoly of Amazon) is self-destructive from a consumer perspective. Price is not everything (short-termism).

    Note: Thanks for your blog Jean-Luc.

  2. if this is really does have 100Wh energy storage and has pass-through, it make for a hell of a UPS for a Raspberry Pi 4 board or similar!

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