Newport GW6903 is a Compact Marvell Octeon TX SBC with Gigabit Ethernet, Dual mPCIe, and USB 3.0

Gateworks introduced its Newport SBC family powered by Cavium Octeon TX processors and designed for networking applications in 2017. One of those boards was a compact SBC with one Gigabit Ethernet port, an mPCIe socket, and a USB 2.0 Type-C port.

The company has now launched Newport GW6903 SBC with the same 100x35mm form factor but with one Gigabit Ethernet port, two mPCIe sockets, and a faster USB 3.0 Type-A port.

Newport GW6903 SBC

Newport GW6903 specifications:

  • SoC – Cavium Marvell Octeon TX CN8120 dual-core Armv8 processor @ 800 MHz or Octeon TX CN8130 quad-core ARMv8 processor @ 1.5 GHz
  • System Memory – 1GB DDR4 SDRAM (Option up to 4GB)
  • Storage – 8GB eMMC flash (Option up to 64GB), serial configuration EEPROM
  • Networking – Gigabit Ethernet Port with Passive PoE Support
  • GNSS – Optional Ublox ZOE-MQ8 GNSS GPS Receiver with PPS support
  • USB – USB 3.0 Type-A host port
  • Expansion
    • 2x Half Card mini PCIe sockets both with PCIe support and one with USB 2.0 support.
    • Application Connector with Digital I/O, Analog, Reset and Power
  • Misc – RTC + coin-cell battery socket, voltage and temperature monitor, programmable watchdog timer, programmable fan speed controller and tachometer monitor, programmable shutdown and wake-up, user push-button, tri-color status LED
  • Power Supply – 8 to 60VDC via passive PoE
  • Power consumption – 4W @ 25C (typ.)
  • Dimensions – 100 x 35 x 21 mm
  • Weight – 85 grams
  • Temperature Range – -40C to +85C
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Other main differences compared to the earlier GW6100 networking SBC are that PoE appears to be the only power option, while the older board also had a DC power barrel jack, and mSATA SSDs are not supported.

The company provides BSPs for OpenWrt and Ubuntu, and you’ll find software documentation in the Wiki. There’s also a GW6903 Development Kit (GW11046) with the board, U-Boot bootloader, Ubuntu Linux Board Support Package, required interface cables, a power supply, and a JTAG programmer to update firmware and provide serial console access.

Newport GW6903 Block Diagram
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The company provides mPCIe cards with Iridium satellite modem, sub-1GHz radio, LTE Cat. 4 or Cat. M1 cellular modem, and/or WiFi 5 802.11ac/b/g/n. Newport GW6903 SBC is especially targeted at IoT gateways.

The board is available now at an undisclosed price. More information may be found on the product page.

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4 Replies to “Newport GW6903 is a Compact Marvell Octeon TX SBC with Gigabit Ethernet, Dual mPCIe, and USB 3.0”

  1. Really wish they would give you a price for a single unit without having to request a quote!

    1. There are still a bunch of pre-internet marketing dinosaurs who are absolutely convinced that potential customers landing on their sites will insist on staying in this tab because of the site’s color scheme and will fill a form to receive a quote, spam and regular phone calls from an annoying person. These people are blocked on the old shop model where they consider that once the customer made the trip from the country to the city he will not go back home and will accept whatever they have to sell.

      These people should definitely go outside and see how users search for products nowadays. First the site needs to appear on top of google, second it needs to open very fast, and third it needs to be clear with all important information prominent (including shipping options and paypal support). Otherwise they click on the “close tab” cross to consult the next opened tab.

    2. trying again.  We had earlier done a lot of good work with OCTEON MIPS family, and are still engaged. But most of our customers now choose x86 options with DPDK framework.
      Most of OCTEON board companies still force you to contact Marvell/Cavium to request and get approved for SDK access.    If my  Customer is still serious, they arrange the Boards and SDK access, by pleading and requesting for months and months.

      I wish they had been more accessible and Open, because their packet performance at one point was much better  on a per Watt and per Dollar basis.

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