Imagination IMG B-Series GPU family scales from IoT to the datacenter

Last year, Imagination Technologies unveiled IMG A-Series GPU family scaling from low-power IoT to mobile and high-performance server applications with up to 2.5 times the performance of the earlier PowerVR 9-series GPUs, as well as eight times faster AI processing and 60% less power under similar conditions.

While I’m not aware of any SoCs announced with the new IMG A-Series GPU yet, the company has already announced the next-gen IMG B-Series GPU family with up to 4 times the multi-core performance thanks to decentralized multi-core technology, 30% lower power consumption, and 2.5 times the fill rate.

BXT MC4 high-performance GPU

The company offers four types of IM B-series GPU, each optimized for specific applications

  • IMG BXE for high-resolution displays – From 1 up to 16 pixels per clock (PPC) BXE scales from 720p to 8K for UI rendering and entry-level gaming.
  • IMG BXM designed for mid-range mobile gaming and complex UI solutions for DTV and other markets.
  • IMG BXT four-core high-performance GPU generating 6.0 TFLOPs of performance, 192 Gigapixels per second, and 24 TOPS for AI
  • IMG BXS ISO 26262-capable GPUs designed for automotive applications driving infotainment, digital cockpit, ADAS, autonomous driving. It looks to compete with the recently announced Arm Mali-78AE GPU.
BXS Automotive GPU coupled with NNA AI accelerators

Thanks to the four types of GPUs described above, Imagination B-Series GPUs provide graphics solutions for mobile, consumer electronics, IoT, embedded microcontrollers, DTV, and automotive applications, and IMG BXT may even be integrated into datacentres.

IMG B-Series GPU family supports Vulkan 1.2, OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + extensions, OpenCL 3.0, and Android NN HAL, and the company will provide Linux (“consumer” & and Android drivers. Imagination also highlights support for IMGIC which it claims is “the most advanced image compression technology in the market: and offers four levels of compression, from pixel-perfect lossless modes to an extreme bandwidth-saving mode with guaranteed 4:1 or better compression rate.

More details can be found on the product page and press release.

Via Liliputing

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7 days ago

Is this going to save the company? They don’t seem to be doing so well.

David Willmore
David Willmore
6 days ago

I hope not. The best that could happen is that they go under and stay under and someone with a better OSS record picked up the pieces and releases docs.

6 days ago

This is one of the worst “anti open source” companies, while profiting from opensource. Never design in Imagination Tech devices