Tiny Tri-color E-Ink display for Wemos D1 Mini board sells for $10

Wemos D1 Mini is one of my favorites ESP8266 boards with a cheap price, tiny form factor, and support for stackable expansion boards.

Lolin has now launched a small 2.13-inch tri-color E-Ink display that is compatible with D1 mini, D1 mini Pro, and D32 Pro boards, and sells for just $9.90 plus shipping.

tri color E-Ink display for Wemos-D1 mini ESP8266 boardSpecifications:

  • 2.13-inchTri-Color (red/black/white) ePaper/e-Ink display with 212×104 resolution
  • Driver IC – Good Display UC8151D
  • Connection to D1 mini, D1 mini Pro, D32 Pro via 10-pin connector
  • Debugging – 8-pin unpopulated header with EPD signals (SPI, Reset, Busy…) 3.3V, GND

2.13-inch epaper color displayYou may wonder why the PCB reads “2.13 INCH e-Paper 250×122”, while the resolution is 212×104. That’s because the company probably reused the PCB from their 2.13-inch black and white e-Paper display with 250×122 resolution (IL3897 driver).

The display can be programmed with Arduino using LOLIN_EPD, Adafruit_GFX, and Adafruit_BusIO libraries as explained in the Wiki. You’ll find three Arduino sketch samples on Github.

Wemos D1 mini board
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10 Replies to “Tiny Tri-color E-Ink display for Wemos D1 Mini board sells for $10”

  1. It might be time to upgrade my heating controller running on the D1 with the original OLED display that’s become totally unreadable even in the dark after only one year!

    1. Probably that in order to display a room’s temperature, heating profile and the time-of-day it’s enough ?

      1. Trying to display the time of day is probably a bad idea. It takes seconds to update the display, and some say you shouldn’t update them more often than every 180 seconds or you risk damaging them. The black and white versions are probably better suited, especially if you get one with partial refresh, which the tri-color ones don’t have.

    1. Unless you’re relying on a different counting system, for me red+black+white = 3 possible colors for any pixel, so the description is correct.

  2. What is the wiring to a D1 Mini then? I tried this display with one of the sample sketches but it simply does nothing at all 🙁 Anyone with success with this?

    My wiring:

    MOSI (D7) -> MOSI
    SCK (D5) -> SCK

    using this sample:

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