ESP32 Arduino 2.0.0 release adds ESP32-C3 and ESP32-S2 support

As just noted in my article about LILYGO T-32C3 module, the ESP32 Arduino 2.0.0 release happened a few days ago adding ESP32-C3 and ESP32-S2 support to the Arduino IDE.

But the news probably warrants its own post and it is a major release of the Arduino code for ESP32 that also includes other new features and changes namely:

  • Upload over USB CDC.
  • Support for the KSZ8081 Ethernet PHY.
  • LittleFS update for partition label and multiple partitions.
  • Added support for RainMaker.
  • BLE 5 features for ESP32-C3 (ESP32-S3 ready).
  • ESPTOOL update.
  • Added 802.11mc WiFi RTT FTM (Fine Time Measurement) support.
  • Online Documentation added (somehow it requires a login to Readthedocs).
  • USB MSC (Mass Storage) and HID support (ESP32-S2 only).
  • UART refactoring (SerialHardware).
  • New examples, boards added, bugs fixed.

You can find a more detailed changelog, including the exact files changes in the source code, on Github.

If we want to give it a try we can just add…

to the list of additional board manager JSON files in preferences.

then install the ESP32 board package.

Select an ESP32-C3 board, and compile a sample for fun.

Oops. It did not quite work as expected with the error; “ImportError: no module named serial”.  I’m using the Arduino IDE in Ubuntu 20.04, and I could solve the issue by install the relevant package.

All good, except I don’t have a board yet, so I can’t confirm whether any third-party ESP32-C3 boards are compatible with the Arduino IDE yet, but it should only be a matter of time before more boards are added. By the way, the list of ESP32 boards in the Arduino is getting rather long, and it’s starting to get cumbersome to select the right board…

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