Raspberry Pi CM4 handheld console looks like a Nintendo Switch Lite

StonedEge and Dmcke5 have come up with an incredibly well-designed Raspberry Pi CM4 handheld console that looks like a Nintendo Switch Lite “clone”, and that can run Dreamcast and PSP emulators at full speed using RetroPie.

The RetroLite CM4 The design includes a 5-inch display, speakers, all buttons, joysticks, and D-PAD controlled via a custom Arduino board, a micro HDMI port to connect an external display, and a 4000 mAh LiPo battery charged over the USB Type-C port, and it seems to work, albeit we are told there’s still some more work to do.

Nintendo Switch Lite Raspberry Pi CM4

RetroLite CM4 specifications include:

  • Linux capable SoM – Raspberry Pi CM4 Lite module with custom copper heatsink and fan
  • Storage – MicroSD card slot
  • All-on-one PCB with Arduino for inputs, TI bq24292i for battery management controlled via a PIC16F15234 MCU, and backlight boost converter circuitry
  • Display – ~5-inch LCD IPS screen
  • Audio – Stereo speakers
  • User inputs
    • Dual Switch Joysticks
    • Resin Cast buttons and D-Pad
  • Video Output – HDMI output
  • USB – USB-C port for charging (STUSB4500)
  • Battery – 4,000 mAh lithium polymer cell
  • Material – Anodized aluminum housing

Raspberry Pi CM4 Handheld ConsoleThe design is not open source yet, but StonedEdge says they may release the file and make it available as a kit once the design is complete. The logo is also too similar to the actual Nintendo Switch logo, not to say exactly the same, so this would have to be removed, and the enclosure design may also have to be tweaked in order to avoid potential legal issues.

RetroLite CM4 vs Nintendo Switch LiteIf you are interested in following the development process for the Raspberry Pi CM4 handheld console from the start of the project on October 2020 to the latest updates you can do so on BitBuilt and/or Raspberry Pi forums.

Via Tom’s Hardware

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9 Replies to “Raspberry Pi CM4 handheld console looks like a Nintendo Switch Lite”

  1. No go. Cm4 and rpi4 are horrible for handhelds. I already have one rpi4 based handheld. Worst handheld ever. Expensive, battery killer, heat… I dont understand why they are so much interest on making a potato 4 a retro handheld having so much cheaper and better options on efficiency and practicality.

    1. The dedicated ARM gaming handheld has to contend with ubiquitous, cheap (new and used), and powerful Android smartphones (with plenty of emulators), which people are likely to be carrying if they have a 1 hour train commute or whatever. Add telescopic controls to make it look like a Switch. That AYN Odin from a few weeks ago looks interesting, but it’s relatively expensive and has the guts of a typical smartphone. Then there are cheaper systems, but I don’t know who they are for. Enthusiasts, young kids, and the spying-averse I guess.

      I dont understand why they are so much interest on making a potato 4 a retro handheld

      That’s just the relentless push to put RasPi everywhere.

      Radxa Zero handheld hype.

      1. Well there is the Powkiddy X18S with a 8 core unisoc t618 . While on second presale at the moment, the software is very much still rough. As Wicked Gamer ( package from China ) comments on his YouTube review.

        The toaster marketed as RPI 4 unsuited to handheld gaming, as already mentioned, a secondhand phone and controllers then you are good to go.

    2. I’ll grant you that the Pi isn’t best for the job, but would you look at that device!! It’s so well-made I can’t help but marvel at its beautiful cable management and clean design. That is the prettiest thing I’ve seen all week, and that heatsink is unequivocally bussin.

    3. Probably because a pi can be bought in the local consumer electronics shop vs import from china or some specialised dealers. At least here noone buys a non pi sbc by accident.

      1. And dont forget the support!! The magic of the RaspberryPi platform is the support and the community. We dont want to buy devices thst in a half year are going to trash

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