1-Stream IPTV streaming software offers an alternative to Xtream Codes

1-stream IPTV panel

1-Stream is an IPTV streaming platform with smart load balancing that allows providers to scale their service and integrates geo-location to ensure content delivery from the closest available server for quicker load times and less buffering.

One popular professional IPTV platform used to be Xteam Codes for which I wrote a detailed four-part review but they started having trouble on September 18, 2019 with Xtream Codes IPTV Panels having a legal dispute related due to piracy, despite not providing any streams, and it seems they may never come back online, as their latest update contesting the claims date from January 2021.

A lot has happened during these two and a half years in the IPTV scene with many alternatives, most of them with another similar name but based on almost the same old, PHP-based vulnerable platform found in the former Xtream Codes Panel version 2.9.3, which could never provide good security, even via its CMS system (parts on XC Servers, parts on own server), contrary to a standalone system, which means all files are hosted within the Admin’s server groups.

Renamed, sliced in parts, mixtures and even the old outdated XC v.1 came back to glory for some times. Nevertheless, all IPTV panels seemed to have flaws, security vulnerabilities, and plenty of bugs, often too many to count. With 1-Stream streaming panel, I’ve finally found a new generation IPTV panel, build from scratch, that appears to be secure, stable, and with good set of features.

I plan to write a 5-part review of the 1-stream IPTV streaming platform which will take some times, but here are some of the highlights of the software first:

  • Transcoding System
  • Highly scalable with the ability to combine multiple servers and load balancing
  • High Level Security – Multiple logs for each connection, connection source detection (VPN, Datacenter, or a proxy), locking subscriptions by IPs, countries and number of connections is also possible.
  • Live Streams, VOD (Video-on-Demand), Radio
  • TV Archive & Timeshift
  • MPEG-TS, HLS, RTMP Output
  • TV Series & TMDB API implementation
  • RTMP Push
  • MAG Devices supports with STALKER player
  • Plugins – Auto-Block, Proxies, Billing, etc…

YouTube video player

More details may be found in the official website, but stay tuned as part 1 of the review/tutorial should come soon.

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37 Replies to “1-Stream IPTV streaming software offers an alternative to Xtream Codes”

    1. @Misc not at all
      Technical support is very responsive and fast problems solver.
      I have 3 licenses and i can say it worth paying 600 euro per month ,

      1)my tickets and problems are solved almost instantly.
      2)i requested customization and i have receive in a very professional manner.
      3)i have tested the new billing addon made by smarters for 1-stream and it is brilliant

      1. Do you resell a service? Looking for a new one after mine started buffering a lot more than it used too… Let me know?

    2. Hi, if you are referring to the XtreamUI, this Software is not only full of highly dangerous vulnerables, it is completely exposed! Every day hacked, unstable,Tons of bugs (like nonstop Audio Off..) and in no way to recommend, for someone like to be safe. But i can understand if somebody is a kind of “Hobbyist” only and do not care much about stability or security.

    3. There is a list of reasons behind the 200 euro price.
      Premium fast technical support , active development , to keep away from low level dark piracy , very open to new ideas , professional approach on any level and so on….

    4. If you are running IPTV/OTT service, 200USD per channel should not be an issue. Otherwise, you should not be running IPTV/OTT service.

  1. Not everyone will be cool with paying $200 euros per month. For example, I am very against Software-as-a-Service model, always seen it as a cash grab, a way for software developers to make more money in the long run at the expense of the costumers. I would not be complaining if a one-time buy option was offered.

    1. Right, Francisco, not for everybody, more for real professional use. Free Software..mhhh…nice wishful thinking..i already see tens of thousands of developers bagging for a meal on the streets… let’s be serious, each good work should have a payment, right? And for “expensive”…look at the price by Wowza as a example, but if you take a look, take your heart pills before..

    2. Francisco i would suggest to contact the development team , i am pretty sure that they can offer you life time option as well but not for 200 euro value 🙂

    1. Hi Daniyal, sure, no problem, just go to 1-stream.com , press get started and register, and ask for a trial.

  2. How would I find an IPTV service that is already using 1-Stream? As I understand it, it’s software to manage an IPTV service, no content provided.

    1. Hello Crushable, yes, you understand it right, a legitimate Software without any hooks to piracy. Optimized for Scalability and under constant further development. Your question about an IPTV provider is a bit strange, that would be exactly like asking Microsoft Customer Service if they would give you their customer addresses. Why don’t you just test the software yourself? I think 1-Stream can make that possible for you. Simply register and then create a ticket with your wishes.

      1. I’m not intending to set up a streaming service myself, so testing 1-Stream would be pointless, I do not want to waste their time. I’m simply not a potential direct customer for them.

        However, I could be a potential customer for a streaming service that has chosen the 1-Stream platform to deliver content. 1-Stream has some very clear advantages over their competitors, presumably any streaming provider that uses it would pass those advantages along to their customers.

        It never hurts for 1-Stream’s customers to win business because they can offer a superior service.

        Trouble is, I’ve been unable to find one. Is it a strange request to ask how I might do so?

        It might be as simple as 1-Stream passing along my contact info to their customers, and leaving it up to them to decide whether to reach out to me.

        1. Hi “Crushable”….

          I have no idea nor any Information about that.

          10 Best Legal IPTV Service Providers

          • Hulu Live TV.
          • AT&T TV Now.(DirecTV, if in the US)
          • Philo.
          • Sling TV.
          • Fubo TV.
          • Haystack TV.
          • YouTube TV.
          • Pluto TV.
          • Sling TV. Sling TV is a very popular IPTV app for Roku
          • Netflix, for Movies and Series
  3. A very bad company and its owner is moody, and if he disagrees with you, he locks the license. I do not recommend it at all

    1. I use there services since 6 months and never had problem, I am every day in touch with the owner and i had many custom tasks(paid one) From what i see in there telegram there is freedom of speech.

    1. Unfortunately, unforeseeable events made it impossible for the author to continue working on a review of this software. I ask for your understanding

      1. I bought a license a week ago. The panel is good, Could use improvements in some areas. Migration was easy and things are very stable. Very different from xui.one

    1. Sorry Ali Hassan, can not agree on your statement. Best by far, in my humble opinion is a pretty good modified (hacks not easy to do anymore, due to modifications) XtreamUI, highly stable, with MariaDB and update ability of the important GeoLite.And best…it’s free. No need to go for one of the paid versions.

    1. Hi “Walter”,
      i was referring to free of charge solutions, not paid one’s, as cheap it ever may sound..
      And we both must not discuss that using a proxy comes with secure your real main ip, right? we must not discuss it, is it right? 🙂 right, it means nothing at all, easy ways to find the real ip of a main.

  4. Hi “Walter”,

    i was referring to free of charge solutions, not paid one’s, as cheap it ever may sound..
    And we both must not discuss that using a proxy comes with secure your real main ip, right? we must not discuss it, is it right? 🙂 right, it means nothing at all, easy ways to find the real ip of a main.

  5. price is To high we have to pay for each LB peer Month and + fee and VAT…
    is to expansive if you have 20LB you have to pay 80+200+VATalmost 320 Euro peer Month this is very High price i sa in 15 years work in IPTV

    1. The price is not high, is the right amount, if you have 20 servers you will easily make 5 digits a month 300€ won’t be an issue if you are a serious provider.

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