Xtream Codes IPTV Panel Review – Part 2: Movie Data Editing, Security, Resellers, Users and Pricing Management

Dear readers, after part 1 of Xtream Codes Panel v.2.2.0 EVO review, here is part 2. I tried hard to get all in two parts, but “to be exhaustive” there will also have to be a part 3…

Movie Editing Section


As we can see, it’s only possible to assign a movie into a single category, a SELECT BOUQUET Option under the Category would be more then useful. So while Movie Editor Section is useful right now, it still needs improvement.

Also taking each movie by hand for editing, after, for example, a Main server crash or changing the Main, is really something, a waste of time. Some of the issues / possible improvements include:

  • No mass edit of movies to bouquets
  • If changing the category of a movie, I found no working method to change in a bulk.. Even if I tried to delete the “content” of a bouquet, it was denied.
  • Left Hand Section, Mass Edit Streams allows only live streams to be edited.
  • Stream Tools! To be able to delete the falsely assigned movies. With the result of the complete addition process later on, and the transcoding process has to be repeated all over again…
  • I strongly advice customers/user’s of the Xtream Codes Panel to name their movies in a kind of unique, retrievable way later on. If not, and if you try to sort them later by assigning them in to a bouquets, you stand in front of all the movies, the way you loaded them up. No kind of Movie editing (re-naming) possible, before you load them to transcode. The mass edit movie section is simply missing.
  • This great piece of Software NEEDS A MOVIE EDITING SECTOR

The options available right now:xtream-codes-movie-editing-options


  • Manage Categories has to be more specific to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Right now I was not able to really sort the categories to my preferred sequences. Did I miss here options? I couldn’t find it.
  • Edit Category function is limited to change the name only.


  • Again, if you have already tons of movies assigned to a category there’s no other way to assign them in a bulk right now. A time waster.

General Warnings

To be on the safe side, do not fill your HDD up to the limit. Max 70% should give more stability.

Attention: If you rent a dedicated server, seeing the offer for example, let’s say 2x 2TB, you should know that after a normal install, you’ll only get 2TB. That is because one is mirrored, in case you loose the first partition, it would be fatal, right?

So, better let it this way, do not use the whole size. Agreed?

Having issues with reconnecting interrupted streams, I filled Xtream Codes panel with over 200 streams, and around 500 movies. I checked the stopped streams, and most connected again after manually pressing the “start/restart stream” button. But these are rare cases only, overall I must say the platform is absolutely stable.

I found a few times the ‘Guilty-ONE” for this: It was not Xtream Codes Panel, it was the miserable Streams I got from a friend for testing purposes.

Security settings (Fight the Intruders by blocking them)

Handle this setting carefully! Especially if you give a trial List to a customer, he will zapp through the channels quickly, or VLC crash often, how we all know..

Wrong or too hard settings will block him immediately.

A good setting should be as follows:

  1. General Settings->Security Settings->Flood Limit to 6 or 8
  2. Request Frequency in Seconds to 1.

Security Settings Section

Back to the Security “plugins”

xtream-codes-security-pluginsBLOCK IP/CIDR


We see the IP’s or better, the intruders (hint: After you set-up the Flood Limits in General-Security/Settings)

Here we go, nice to look at… but why not show directly the “customer by name with IP”?. In the end, we have to make the decision whether to unlock the IP or keep him locked. It’s only working if a server with a fixed IP started the attack, dynamic IP’s appear soon then if the IP changed.

And in case no internal customer, let’s say a simple “from outside” or no customer would be a great help. Going through the log files  to find out if it us a customer or instead a competitor trying to slow down your server (we are all nosy, aren’t we?) makes no sense and no fun. Reason: time extensive if dozens or hundreds of logs!

Live Streams-Video on Demand Section

Manage Stream/Add New Stream

xtream-codes-live-streams-vodThere is also one relatively “unique” function; you should handle with care, or best ask the seller of the LEGITIMATE streams, if he allows that you use the “Use Direct Source & don’t restream it”. This means all coming traffics are not on your side, the connected server takes it all. You should be able to see the other side. But I guess you know already.

You can also redirect the Stream to the Original Source, so that your customers connect through your own DNS. Doing so, setting to yes, your URL will show up in the Bouquet List later. But again, be aware, choosing NO, your user will not connect to your server in any case. I tested it by letting the user connect over my DNS. I thought, I would see any client connecting through my DNS, but you will not, in both cases. No matter Client Connection Logs or in Manage Lines, he is simply invisible to you. I guess, after all not the smartest idea.


Security Section

General settings->Security Settings


Useful if you find the “right” setting. The Flood Limit shows the number of requests specified in “Request Frequency”. I started with 5 requests within 3 seconds, result: I got blocked myself and no idea why. I just watched one channel, no fast channel switching, no nothing. This seems to getting interesting, I thought.

Switched to 8 requests in 3 seconds range. Activated my test users… Result: 2 Android boxes getting blocked.

Mhhhh, I go deeper in this then after, and because of English is not my native language, haha, we “none-english” have sometimes a problem to understand the language. And…I found it! My mistake! Definitely to 90% only, haha! And 10% I give to Xtream Codes back, because they should really be more specific about this classy feature, which is highly useful!

Advice: Give 3 options, or 4, the ordinary customer can use! Like: LOW-Standard-HIGH-HYPER Settings, pre-configured! (Also the option for manual settings).

I know I know…but remember this: Many customers are not common with these terms; they simply do mistakes resulting in blocking customers who do nothing wrong at all, which could lead to losing customers.

Standard should be: 10:1, or 20:1 ((flood limit:request frequency), but hard to say for sure in my opinion. And even this could maybe cause some troubles, if a nervous user zapping the channel’s in a lightspeed and the playlist is huge…

For example: Each zapping under 1 second is 1 evil request, collected and memorized by the panel! 10:1  means, 10 times under 1 second is OK, but then… the 11th try would blocked them! This is a hard decision to make for each panel user, if he has a huge playlist with many customers. Some customers could complain, if they get blocked, and I don’t want to talk about the non-stop checking the Security Settings, and look for blocked IPs.

Recommendation: Invest in a DDOS Protection with your server, every hosting provider is offering this. Also let this setting to OFF (0) in the beginning, and get used to everything first. You can then implement the settings you are comfortable with lateron.

Resellers – Registered Users Section


Reseller Section

Registered Users and Reseller

When I started to work with the panel and getting used to it, this was the first category I started with. I expected something like: REGISTER RESELLER, or similar. Registered means already already registered, right?

Let’s start with “Register New User”. This feature is mainly used, to create a new RESELLER of yours, a now you want to give him access to a reseller panel. Let’s create one!


As we can see, you have to provide the follwing details for the new user (reseller in this case):

  • Username (Whatever you want to call the reseller)
  • Password (Please 6 digits minimum, out of security reasons, phrases are also useful)
  • E-Mail (Email address of your reseller, without one you can not create a new reseller)
  • Default Language (right now only English is possible)
  • Group Members (see the next Section, Group Members)
  • Reseller DNS (Reseller Only) – Here you can specify the reseller’s own DNSs
  • Credits (reseller Only) – The amount of money the Reseller payed you, usual is 1 credit = 1 UK pound or other currencies)

Section Manage Group Members

First of all, a little explanation here on this important part. As we’ve already seen above, we can “register” a new user, reseller in this case with “REGISTER NEW USER” option (I would rather see a “Create new Reseller” button). But here is the point: If you register a new future reseller, you have to assign the payment formalities later (ex: 300 Euro = 300Credits), but also how much for 1 month, 3 months or any other kind of subscription (time frame), and the reseller can create lines for his own customers later, and see his own costs each time.

Assigning them (the resellers) all in one category, named reseller, let you later no choice to give different kind of subscription prices. (ex: Reseller A 1 month =6 Euro, Reseller B 1 month 8 Euro), so that’s why Xtream Codes has a great feature in creating groups.

You can simply create a new “group”, let’s say Group elcap in my case, and assign reseller A to it. Now your Reseller A is a Group Member of “elcap” group. Next step, you want to give him prices and time frames of each line he creates.


As you can see, I created the trials , 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, and also a VOD package for the reseller part of group elcap.

You start with Resellers -> New Package (Adds a new Package)

xtream-codes-resellersWe see the following options after clicking on New Package:xtream-codes-resellers-new-package-1


You first need to name the package, mark it as Trial or Official Package (1-12 month or else later, you are free in your decision), you can even pair the line with the ISP provider of your client by first connection. (Attn.: need additional plugin to buy).

Useful only if you create a Package for a RESTREAMER (Restreamers are able to put your bouquets/packages on their server(s) and use them as there own streams), as they have a fixed IP in any case.

In this example we give 20 connections to a Restreamer


Meaning: You can give your whole LEGITIMATE stream list, or assorted ones, like a bouquet you filled with specific streams before. In any case, your Restreamer you are selling to, is only able to open 20 connections on his server. The amount of connections you assign to him is what he pays for.

Settings Prices with Manage Packages


Edit a packagextream-codes-resellers-edit-package


A complete option to edit your before assigned package (Manage Package->Edit Package).

Here’s the output of my own created packages Create them for your own needs, everything is possible!


Manage ROOT (Registered Users)


By clicking on Manage Root you get the following options:


Here you can change your ROOT username/password given by Xtream Codes for your panel.

You can change both passwords here later, if you do not wish to use the old ones once given from Xtream Codes after you ordered and paid for your panel. Handle this carefully, write it down and copy it to safe locations, just in case of a crash of the main server (see upcoming part 3, with simulated crash of the Main server)

I initially planned to finish this review into two parts, but there are so many options, I have to do at least one more part.

I also have to repeat Options and Features for better understanding later on. See you guys on Part 3 soon, which should include:

  1. Changing the Main Server (through my extended kind of tests, I worked a couple of days on this, and the results should benefit all of us who are using this software and working with it.)
  2. Finishing the features for good, I promise
  3. The “Have’s” and the “Have Not’s
  4. Enumerations of the Top 5 settings to use
  5. Results after a new installation (Simulated Crash of the Main Server)
  6. The Pro’s & the contra’s
  7. The Competitors of Xtreme-Codes Panel
  8. Be aware of some kind of hosting services (Strange experiences with 2 “Big Ones”! Troubleshootings)
  9. The Conclusion
  10. Preparing a little Manual (PDF format, to help you guys)

[Update: During finishing my work on the huge Part 3 of the Review Xtream Codes Panel Version.2.2.0 EVO, there was yesterday, 08th October, an update to Version 2.3.0 EV0, with a lot of new Features and Improvements!

So, I will need a little longer to finish the Part 3, please stay tuned.]

[Update 2: continue reading Xtream-Codes IPTV Panel Review – Part 3: Updates and New Features for Version 2.4.2]

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26 Replies to “Xtream Codes IPTV Panel Review – Part 2: Movie Data Editing, Security, Resellers, Users and Pricing Management”

  1. ciao vorrei avere una diritta come scaricare il pannello come installarlo e cosa mi serve per potere accedere iptv tutti dicono e facile ma io ho grossi problemi a scaricarlo e metterlo in funzione grazie se mi puoi aiutare

  2. sorry guys, I speak neither Italian nor Spanish. The Update to version 2.4 just happened, with a complete new “build” from the scratch and awesome new features. I am on it right now to finish now the missing part 3 and i hope not a next update hits me again in between…

  3. Hi ray, a provider for iptv I use has xtream codes. I am used to online marketing and Web design so building a site and advertising won’t be an issue but getting good streams paid or not for customers I something I’m finding hard. I knew there are m3u platlists but do you have any recommendations please.

  4. @BRAVE
    Hi Brave, since Version 2 there is no such thing anymore like “downloading” the Panel like before in old obsolete V.1.
    You get a so called CMS address , means, a URL simply..with Root Username and Password, there you login after, and install your Main Server and if needed, your Loadbalancers..( First one is free). Requires ROOT ACCESS to your server only.
    Part 3 is finished, stay tuned

  5. ray,

    Interesting, I also just read Part 3.

    1. How is this XStream Codes server different than TVheadend + Kodi, besides the Reseller Panel ?

    2. Can this XStream server re-stream multiple TV channels to the end customer or Reseller in MPEG 4-TS format with EPG info?

    3. Is this a http unicast or some multicast system?

    4. Can end customers and Resellers use Android boxes, or is XStream limited to MAG boxes?

    5. Any free trial period? What kind of IPTV or satellite/cable tuner inputs can XStream handle?

  6. @Athar
    Hi Athar, no idea what you are talking about, for me it seems, that you misunderstood the whole thing.
    Everything is explained right from the beginning in Part 1.
    IPTV Panel Professional Edition VERSION 2 is a All In One IPTV Solution.
    I advice that you read Part 1 to Part 3 again, please.

  7. Unlimited Streams & Users (With Authentication)
    Live Streams, VOD, Radio
    Youtube/LiveStramer/Twitch and many other video platforms
    Load Balancing ( Server Load Based, GeoIP Based, ISP Based )
    Connection Anti-Drop on stream failure
    Easy & powerful Transcoding System
    On-Demand With fast zapping time
    Supporting All common streaming protocols (HTTP,RTMP,RTSP,RTP,UDP,MMS)
    TV Archive & Timeshift
    MPEG-TS, HLS, RTMP Output
    Fingerprint Sender
    RTMP Push
    Anti-Restreaming Functionjs
    Concurrent Connection limitation, ISP & Country Locking
    Create your Own Live Channels by combining multiple videos
    Powerfull Reseller Module
    Incredible Fast Zapping time < 0.1 Seconds
    Powerful Logging, Statistics & Connection Logs & Client Speed
    MAG Devices Support (Stalker Portal Built In), Enigma2 Plugin, Android & iOS and others
    Powered By FFmpeg & NGinx

  8. @mohamed42
    You need to purchase it from Xstream website, then you’ll have a download link from there, and you can install it on a Linux server. There are no streams provided, and you need to add your own video streams. Ray explained that well in part 1.

  9. Salva volevo sapere se acquisto il pacchetto di €59 posso gestirlo io direttamente? È poi volevo chiedere un altra cosa se mi finiscono i crediti dove posso comprarli grazie

  10. Very intersted, I’ve been researching becoming an iptv reseller for months now. I’m an Android box dealer here in South Carolina at our local flea market. There’s so many crooks and companies that don’t offer support. I’m tired of the shadiness. I’m wanting to go direct, but having trouble understanding, the necessary steps to having my own server or renting one! Don’t know where to buy the streams from!?!? Please help, I’m ready to make a change. Thanx

  11. @Wendell Aikens
    I’m not familiar with that market myself. I just know you can either provide your own streams (with something like MOI Pro AMD), or purchase streams from IPTV resellers.

    I just don’t know which companies do that. You’d need to search for them, and ask if they resell streams working with Xtream Codes, or any other IPTV server software you’d like to use.

    If you purchased your STB hardware from companies like Infomir, they may be able to help you getting started with the whole process, since they cater to the IPTV business, and even have their own IPTV stalker server middleware.

  12. Hi Wendell. first, you have to check your local laws about that, before thinking about to encode your own streams with encoders. I would not recommend that you buy somewhere illegal streams, it could bring you huge troubles, if that comes out, and it will sooner or later. Best is to ask companies with own local streams, like FilmOn, about that. there are other ones as well, just search for “legal streams”. About FTA’s even is different in each country. Infomir is a russian company, they will not even answer you, if you ask them for sources of streams, they producing the platform only, like many others. I am a little bit astonished that you really asking here these things in public….

  13. Very nice explanation Ray ,

    I am having problem with max allow connection it’s always 0 / 1

    My stream source give me a line with max allowed connection 200 , I have imported his streaming links to my panel using “Use Direct Source & don’t restream it” and all connection invisible in my panel.

    How I can make max allowed line 1 / 1 connection for direct stream… ? Can I do something to block IPs try to connect if line is online?

    It’s really ” not the smartest idea” to make it invisible in manage line panel….

    1. Hi Hani! You miss the point here, i guess. If you are using “Use direct Source-and don’t restream it”, all the Bandwidth your private clients are using is on your stream source, i guess, he will not be happy with that, sooner or later. This have a reason that you do not put your 200 connections on your own servers? You should understand here one thing, in your case the 200 streams are visible only in your created own list, and they are visible by the servers of your source, in client connection logs. And on top, you have no kind of possibilities to watch the quality or anything else by all these streams. Reason is simply, like it says: USE DIRECT SOURCE! You should better use your own server to restream all. And 0:1 means, that one connection per client/enduser is allowed anyway. Your given source connections are 200, that means only that you are permitted to stream 200 channels. Again, if you have choosen DIRECT SOURCE, there is no way that you could change anything, because the streams connect not over your own dedicated server(s), they connect direct to the source! Think about the Bandwidth you are producing for the source which gave the list. How this could work, if by your method you could change the number of connections per 1 single stream? It is not possible that way. Do it the normal way, and you get what you want.

  14. Where is the part. 3?
    About live stream, i don’t understand if XTREAM-CODES allow to transcode also LIVE CHANNEL or only movie. For example if i receive stream at 4K on my server, i can sell or resell to final user, compress at 720p, or 1080p or with 4500K bitrate? Or origin flow is the same of outgoing live flow?

    1. Sorry about that. I’ve just added the link to part 3 at the end of this article.
      I’ll let Ray answer the question about transcoding.

    2. @Carlo, You can transcode with Xtream Code Panel everything you like to, to every Bitrate you want, Carlo. But you should know, that transcoding a “real” 4K Livestreams will eat a huge resource of your CPU. Minimum requirement for this would be a I7 CPU + and best around 64 to XXX Ram. Depending on your needs for other Transcodings….
      And think about the Bandwidth as well…For myself, i do not see any reason to transcode a 4K stream, because for 1. They are rare, 2. You get these streams very often in 1080 FHD as well and 3. Think about the clients, they will need the Internet for it!

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