Bluetooth battery tester also serves as DC programmable load

While it’s possible to quickly check a battery with a multimeter, the DL24MP-150W Bluetooth battery tester and DC programmable load allows testing of all sorts of batteries from a 18650 battery to a lead-acid car battery, monitoring of multiple parameters with voltage, current, power, capacity, temperature, and more, and simulating a discharge.

You can visualize the parameters on the integrated color display, or through Bluetooth connectivity, check out the parameters and history in an Android smartphone or a PC running Windows. The program also shows additional parameters like estimated CO2 emissions and electricity charge, plus export of parameters to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Bluetooth battery tester

DL24MP-150W Bluetooth battery tester specifications:

  • Test voltage – 2 to 200V
  • Current: 0.2~20A
  • Discharge power – Up to 150 W
  • Sensor – Temperature sensor
  • Adapter boards
    • Charging board with DC jack, mini USB, micro USB, and USB Type-C port
    • Battery test board for 18650, 26650, 14505 (AA), 14340, and 14250 batteries
  • Safety – Built-in over-current, over-temperature, over-power protection.
  • Power Supply – 12V/1A

The  DL24MP-150W battery tester and DC programmable load ships with a power supply, a temperature probe, red and black crocodile clip cable, a US to EU adapter, and an optional “battery BOX” board for different battery sizes.

18650 battery testing

Battery testing user interface

If simply checking the data on the display is not enough, you’ll find the (Windows) PC software, Android app (APK), and a short user manual on MediaFire. There’s also a troubleshooting guide that tells you to turn on GPS in your phone if the Bluetooth device is not detected…

The program/app is called “Electric Energy Meter Test Program” or “E-Meter” and lets the user select voltage, current, power ranges, the type of load (AC, DC, USB), and more.

Electric Energy Meter Test Program

The system can apparently be used to test AC devices, but since the voltage is limited to 200V, it should only be suitable in countries with 110V mains with DL24MP-150W, and I’m not sure it’s 100% safe to do so.

AC device testing

The mobile app looks similar, and also allows exporting the data to use in LibreOffice Calc or other spreadsheet programs.

Bluetooth battery tester Android mobile app


I first found the DL24MP-150W Bluetooth battery tester on Banggood for $49.76 or $52.76 with the “battery BOX” board. I also noticed a link on Amazon US in search engines, but the listing has been removed, but I don’t know the reason and it could be on safety grounds or the sellers decided not to sell it anymore.


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4 Replies to “Bluetooth battery tester also serves as DC programmable load”

    1. Quickly ‘test’ i assume. But a voltmeter doesn’t really help knowing about a battery state. You want to draw some intensity and see how the voltage drops. That’s what this kind of tool do.

  1. a troubleshooting guide that tells you to turn on GPS in your phone if the Bluetooth device is not detected…

    AFAIK some Android versions used to require “location” permissions for using Bluetooth (or at least some functions of it, I was able to find this SO question for BLE and Android 6.0)

  2. This kind of tester have been available for long on aliexpress and similar sites (less expensive than what you mention). This brand (‘atorch’) is the one with the most visibility recently. They have a whole range of testers, always with the similar display (and a dedicated ‘seller’ page on aliexpress). First models had several flaws (missing protection diodes, bad head protection, fan badly attached ..), but they kinda fixed that with time. There’s a lot more information on eevblog forums. Mostly, the hardware is “cheap”, doesn’t work well for low values (say few volts, or 10mA), the bt stuff is completely useless in the rare cases where it works. They have a fun version where you can pile up modules to increase the maximum power. Well, theoretically 🙂

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