Intel Meteor Lake mobile processor highlights leaked

Intel Meteor Lake processor family is supposed to succeed the 13th generation Raptor Lake chips itself coming after the current 12th generation Alder lake processors. It is scheduled to launch next year (2023), but we already have some details about the Meteor Lake U, P, and H mobile processors from a leak.

Just like most Alder Lake processors, Meteor Lake will be hybrid processors with power and energy-efficient cores, but they’ll also feature new LP E-cores which should stand for “low power efficiency” cores in order to further lower the power consumption while a laptop or mini PC in standby mode.

Meteor Lake mobile processors highlights:

  • CPU
    • P cores + E cores + LP-E cores architecture
    • U-series with up to 12 cores
    • P- and H-series up to 14 cores; Up to 6+8 configuration with up to 24MB LLC/core (Note the LP-E cores don’t seem to be part of the main processor, and they may act like a co-processor instead)
    • Intel Thread Director optimized scheduling
  • GPU – Intel Xe LPG graphics with up to 128 execution units; 4x encode mode
  • VPU – Low-power AV1 encoding
  • AI accelerator –  GNA 3.5  (Gaussian & Neural Accelerator) for power-optimized AI acceleration
  • Memory – LPDDR5/5x-7400 up to 64GB, DDR5-5600 up to 96GB,
  • Storage – Intel hybrid Optane/NAND M.2, 2x SATA III
  • Display – HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort, eDP 1.4b
  • ISP – IPU6EP 27MP with support for 4Kp60 HDR, up to 4 concurrent cameras; MIPI CSI interface
  • Audio – DSP core with 15% extra performance
  • Networking
  • USB/Thunderbolt – Up to 4x Thunderbolt 4 interfaces, 2x USB 3.0, 10x USB 2.0
  • PCIe – 1x PCIe Gen5 x8 (H-Series only), 3x PCIe Gen4 x4, Gen3
  • I/Os – 1.8V GPIOs
  • Security – New embedded security engine, NIST SP800-193 FW resiliency
  • Power Supply – Low-power island CPU offload, DLVR (Digital Linear Voltage Regulator) power delivery
  • Manufacturing process – 7nm

The Meteor Lake processor should support Windows, Linux, and macOS. It looks promising, but we’ll have to be patient before seeing the platform come to market. You’ll find more screenshots on Igor’sLAB website.

Thanks to “NewsTip” for the tip.

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6 Replies to “Intel Meteor Lake mobile processor highlights leaked”

  1. “leaked” 🙂 “leaks” have been part of the communication strategy for a long time now (Apple probably being the most active player).

    1. Yeah. It’s a really cheap way to increase hipe without spending money on ads and “leaked” information don’t necessarily have to be true.

  2. Lol, Intel marketing even more confusing 🙂
    No info on thermals. Intel and AMD left the sub <10W,
    and ARM (and RISC-V) still not in yet. (laptops/mini pc)

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