Eduponics Mini v2.0 Smart Agriculture IoT kit gets more flash, new sensors, 4-channel valve board (Crowdfunding)

Eduponics Mini v2.0 is a Smart Agriculture IoT kit based on the ESP32 wireless microcontroller with built-in sensors to measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and ambient light, and interfaces to connect water level and soil moisture sensors.

The new board builds upon the Eduponics Mini introduced two years ago, but based on the 8MB flash version of the ESP32-WROVER-B module, a different mix of sensors, a BM8563 RTC module replacing the DS1307 RTC chip, and the addition of Grove connectors for external sensors from companies such Elecrow.

Eduponics Mini 2.0 Smart Agriculture IoT Kit

Eduponics Mini v2.0 specifications with highlights in bold or strikethrough showing the differences with the first revision of the board:

  • Wireless module – ESP32-WROVER-B module with ESP32 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SoC, 8MB QSPI flash loaded with MicroPyhon firmware, 8MB SPRAM, PCB antenna
  • Built-in sensors
    • BH1750 I2C light sensor
    • Footprint for BME280 I2C temperature, humidity, and barometric sensor
    • QMP6988 I2C Barometric air pressure sensor
    • SHT30 I2C Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Expansion
    • 2-pin connector for 12V pump with built-in 1A relay module
    • Grove connector for soil moisture sensor or any other analog or digital device
    • Grove connector for water quantity sensor
    • 4-pin header (unpopulated) for DHT11 / DHT22 sensor
    • 14-pin I/O expansion header to connect extra sensors with 3.3 – 12 V output pins
  • Misc
    • AT24C02 I2C EEPROM
    • DS1307 RTC plus coin-cell battery holder
    • BM8563 RTC module with crystal oscillator to fix previous hardware bugs plus coin-cell battery holder
    • On/Off, Reset, and Wake-up buttons
    • RGB LED
  • Power Supply – 5 or 12 V power input via DC jack or USB Type-C interface
  • Dimensions: 53 x 71 mm


ESP32 smart agriculture board

You’ll find a MicroPython MQTT client, PDF schematics (for v1) & code samples in GitHub, as well as detailed documentation on STEMinds’ website. Most of it looks to be for the original Eduponics board, but I’m sure everything will soon be updated. Eduponics also developed an Android mobile app  using the MQTT protocol to remotely control the board.

Applications for Eduponics Mini v2.0 include Smart watering solutions, IoT weather stations and environmental monitoring, greenhouse controllers for mushrooms, flowers, and other plants, Smart irrigation systems, and data collection for environmental analysis. So it looks to be scalable from a personal project watering a plant in your home to running a smart farm with multiple controllers.

STEMinds Smart Agriculture ESP32 Kit

In order to more easily get started the Eduponics Mini v2 Kit is also offered with the Eduponics Mini v2 board, a 12V/2A DC power adapter, a USB Type-C data cable, a capacitive soil moisture sensor (long or short, not waterproof), a submersible 12V pump, a STEMinds contactless water-level sensor with double-sided sticker, and a water hose.

The company also developed a new 4-channel valve extension board to be able to water four different locations with a single board.

Eduponics Mini v2 four valve extension boardThe Eduponics Mini v2.0 Smart Agriculture IoT kit is currently offered on Crowd Supply crowdfunding platform with a symbolic $1 funding target. The board goes for $40, but most people will probably prefer pledging $60 to get an Eduponics Mini v2.0 Kit with the accessories listed above. It’s also possible to add more soil moisture sensors, the 4-channel valve extension board, and other accessories for $16 to $40. Shipping is free to the US but adds $12 to the rest of the world, and backers should expect their rewards by the end of June 2023.

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