The M1 device is a Flipper Zero alternative with a faster STM32H5 microcontroller and Wi-Fi connectivity (Crowdfunding)

The M1 is a multitool device that bundles several hacking and penetration tools in a package that looks like a retro-gaming console and could be viewed as a Flipper Zero alternative with a more powerful STMicro STM32H5 Cortex-M33 high-performance MCU featuring Arm TrustZone hardware-based security for additional protection for sensitive data.

m1 multitool deviceThe M1 multitool device features transceivers for infrared, sub-1 GHz, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, and Wi-Fi. This means that the M1 can replace most of your remotes as well as your RFID and NFC-based items (membership cards, access fobs, business cards, credit cards, etc.) It also has twelve 3.3V (5V tolerant) GPIO pins that can be used to add extra functionality to the device.

M1 specifications:

  • MCU – STM32H5-series microcontroller, with a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M33 core, 1MB RAM
  • Storage – MicroSD card slot
  • Display – 1.54-inch display, 128 x 64 resolution
  • Connectivity
    • Bluetooth 4.2 BR/EDR BLE Sensitivity -96dBm
    • Infrared – 800nmTX/RX range, 38kHz
    • RFID –  125kHz antenna, with support for EM-4100 and HID Prox cards
    • Wi-Fi 4 – 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4Ghz
    • Sub-GHz – 142-1050Mhz, up to +20 dbm
    • NFC – 13.56MHz
  • I/O
    • USB Type-C
    • 12x GPIO pins, 5V tolerant
  • Buttons – 5-button directional pad, exit button
  • Battery – 2,100mAh battery good for 14 days of operational time

m1 hardware hacking

The Flipper Zero is a portable, multipurpose hacking tool that launched on Kickstarter in 2020 and achieved massive success, raising almost 5 million dollars with a single campaign. It has since gained an app store and a video game module powered by the RP2040.

Going off the specs alone, the M1 looks like a clone of the Flipper Zero, and its tagline on Kickstarter is similar to the Flipper Zero’s. It is described as a “compact multitool for technophiles and hackers” and the Flipper is a “multitool device for hackers”. The M1’s Kickstarter campaign has been quite successful so far raising over $500,000 with all stretch goals reached for the $119 device, and still 20 days to go.

YouTube video player

The Flipper Zero is hard to buy at the moment, driving up the demand for a product in the same category. Also, the M1 offers an upgrade to the Flipper Zero in certain areas, such as the processor, battery, wireless connectivity, and security. It remains to be seen whether the M1 can match the level of support and community offered by the Flipper Zero.

According to the makers, the project is open-source, and the firmware and blueprints for the M1 will be available in a public GitHub repository after launch. You can find more information about the M1 device on Kickstarter and the company’s website.  If you have been looking for a Flipper Zero alternative, the M1 multi-tool might be right for you. However, the makers have been reluctant to admit any similarities with the Flipper Zero when probed and we think that is quite sketchy.

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31 Replies to “The M1 device is a Flipper Zero alternative with a faster STM32H5 microcontroller and Wi-Fi connectivity (Crowdfunding)”

  1. It’s very good that a full-fledged alternative has appeared. Remember that by purchasing Flipper Zero you are sponsoring Russia and their invasion.

    1. Stfu, you’ve got liberal jizz coming out of your ears and it shows. Just think for yourself man. You’ve been lied too.

    2. In the end can you buy anything in this world without supporting war in some way.
      US has been in most wars during the years, but we still buy from there.
      So we always support war and failure no matter what.
      Money wasted anyway, just see the Afghan war, waste of money and more important lives.

      1. I don’t support any.war it’s the inbred scumbags using people’s ignorance to make them think they make a difference..they do what they want. You know this.

    3. Purchasing a flipper zero is pro russia? I was already convinced on the flipper, you don’t have to sell it to me.. jeez

    4. Typical jerk off always making shit up about that yeah I knew the Russian but they don’t support the war I can’t imagine anybody that would but your comment is bullshit and your bullshit little punk ass snivilin

    5. Rather support Russia than the world’s capital for human/child trafficking, biolabs creating ‘viruses’ funded by the West I.e Europe,UK,USA not to mention the billions & weapons/vehicles. Turn your TV off & do some research.

      1. Truly head-empty. Russia has far more bio and chemical labs weaponizing novel diseases than the U.S., UK, Europe combined.
        Like how embarrassing to fk up this badly, Comrade Vatnyk.

    6. Who the f are you telling what to buy. Don’t mess with Russia and tell all other idiots who tried and still trying.

  2. The real value of the flipper zero is the large collection of software that run on it. I doubt another one can replicate that success easily.

  3. I call bs scam. The gate fob sends out a signal for the M1 to read, but doesn’t open the gate? Shady af.

  4. Scam. Someone looked up their address, it’s some cellphone repair shop in Nigeria? And when they messaged them suggesting that they get better offices (it was a run down building), they answered “we are in Berkeley, California!” when probed for exact address, the person was blocked.

    Hackaday articles from October 2023 have also been retracted.

    I personally think even if it is real (they only have fiverr renders at the moment), it’s nowhere near the flipper. It doesn’t have subGHz and only 20mA per pin? That’s so useless unless you want to light a super tiny led.

  5. This comment section went haywire. The Nazi/Russian/Nigerian connection. I will add …. Alien/Cyborg… to the connection

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