Rowboat Releases Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for Beagleboard-XM and Beaglebone

Rowboat announced a preliminary version of Android 4.1.1 (Jean Bean) for beagleboard and beaglebone platforms last week.

These releases support SGX (3D graphics acceleration) on both Texas Instruments Sitara AM37x processor (Beagleboard-XM) and  AM335x processor (Beaglebone), and all download and build instructions are available on their Wiki:

If you could not care less about building it yourself, Rowboat provides pre-built binaries that you can install on a micro-SD card (4GB and greater) as follows :

  • For Beagleboard-XM (DVI output):
  • For Beaglebone (with 7″ LCD Cape):

The full source is available on rowboat gitorious  account, but there are lots of repo over there, so the best way to get the source is probably the “repo init” instructions in the 2 links above.

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Anthony Kavassis
Anthony Kavassis

I seem to have some lag on my Class 4 Kingston 4GB SD card with my Beagleboard-XM Rev B and the menu for network configuration is not available. Maybe its because its preliminary version. Haven’t tried to go through console to start up network adapter with netcfg but so far when there are no lags, the performance in UI is apparent.


@Anthony. The ECM patches from Linaro are being evaluated by the rowboat team. They will probably be merged to rowboat sources sometime next week.


UPDATE: The linaro ECM patches are now integrated to rowboat jelly bean sources.