NVidia Announces Tegra K1 32-bit & 64-bit SoCs with a 192 Core Kepler GPU

Nvidia announced their newest mobile SoC at CES 2014, but instead of calling it Tegra 5, they went for Tegra K1, as it’s the first to feature a 192 cores GPU based on Kepler architecture, the same as used in PC graphics card. There will be several version of the chip one based on four Cortex A15 cores, one featuring a dual core Nvidia Denver CPU based on ARMv8 64-bit architecture, and Tegra K1 VCM for the automotive market.Tegra_K1

The company showcased the power of their new processor with an Unreal Engine 4 demo and the same face demo showed last year on an Nvidia GPU card, and Tegra K1 easily outperform older generations games console such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, at and the same time consume just about 5 Watts of power, versus 100 Watts for Microsoft and Sony consoles. The GPU in the Tegra K1 also supports DX11.1.

They also showed a tablet powered by the dual core 64-bit ARM version running Android, and said Tegra K1 is about three times as powerful as Apple A7 64-bit processor, without taking into next-gen graphics capabilities of their SoC.

Nvidia CEO completed the press event by showing off Tegra K1 VCM (Visual Computing Module) that aims to bring supercomputer performance (374 GFLOPS) into your car. They first demo advanced driver assistance, as would be used in an autonomous car, including technologies like pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring, land departure warning, collision avoidance, traffic-sign recognition, and adaptive cruise control, and more, and then a dashboard display part of what they call Project Mercury, with realistic rendering, and customizable dimensions, materials, sheen, and reflectivity.

Finally, he confessed Nvidia was responsible for that:

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