Android Rear View Mirrors Feature Dual Cameras for DVR Function, GPS, Bluetooth, and More

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I first heard about Android rear view mirrors back in 2012 with a solution designed by Huawei running Android 2.3. But this morning, DealExtreme listed three Android rear view mirrors, with model names like EL-H100, EL-H200, and EL-H800 selling between $120 to $216 depending on the features. The mirrors feature 4.3″ to 5″ displays, and all come with dual camera support, run Android 4.0, and seem powered by AllWinner A10 or A13 ARM Cortex A8 processor, with the most expensive (EL-H800) also supporting Bluetooth and GPS. One model also support IR night vision (EL-H100).

Elebest EL-H800 Rear View Mirror
Elebest EL-H800 Rear View Mirror

Features and specifications for EL-H800 model are listed as follows:

  • SoC – AllWinner A13 ARM Cortex A8 @ 1.2GHz with Mali-400 GPU
  • System Memory – 512MB DDR3
  • Storage – 8GB flash and micro SD slot up to 32GB
  • Display – 5″ TFT Touch Screen, 800×480 resolution
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth earphone support, FM radio
  • Video In – AV-IN support
  • Audio – Earphone jack, mono speakers, microphone
  • Camera
    • 2x 5.0MP camera lenses, with 140 deg wide angle, and 5x optical zoom.
    • DVR function supported @ 1080p30
    • Motion detection, timestamp, anti-shake, auto-white balance. IR night vision NOT supported.
  • USB – 1x mini USB 2.0 port for data interface
  • Power
    • 5V/1A DC via cable connected to car charger
    • 800 mAh battery
  • Dimensions – 17 cm x 12 cm x 11 cm
  • Weight – 750 grams

The kit is sold with the “Car DVR” rear view mirror, a rear camera, a DC 5V/1A car charger + cable (3 meters), a USB cable, as well as a user’s manual in English and Chinese. The pictures also show a Bluetooth audio headset, but it’s not listed in the product page… Having a rear view mirror running Android on half the screen seems like a distraction, and I’m not even sure how this can be legal… Nevertheless, I’ve searched for video to better understand what could be done with these models, but there weren’t any, and instead I’ve seen an interesting video for Germind JM-043LA Android rear view mirror which shows the different use cases including voice input, GPS, etc… Some of the features supported by the Germind model may not be supported by the EL-Hxx models.

Beside the products listed on DX, I could also find a model called B6000 on GeekBuying with GPS ($127) with a few positive users’ feedback, and Maxxiss on Amazon ($250), both also based on AllWinner A10. All these car DVR systems based on AllWinner may partially explain why the company is now working on V10 and V15 SoCs specifically for car and sports DVRs.

Shenzhen Elebest Technology (HK) appears to be the manufacturer of the EL-Hxx models, but only EL-H800 is listed on their website.

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“Having a rear view mirror running Android on half the screen seems like a distraction, and I’m not even sure how this can be legal…”

Prolly because no one’s heard of Android rear view mirrors yet! But in truth, is it more distracting than having a phone/tablet running a GPS app on your dashboard? IDK…


Yes, and I think they’ll be banned in most places when legislators get round to it 🙂


Driving in China is another world… you can do almost waht you want here. I guess they don’t know in EU must respect the rules.


This seems nice in Lima. Traffic is really chaotic there.
But you do not really need a rear mirror. As some driver told me. Everything that happens behind you is not your problem.

Wrt having to look in the rear view mirror every once in a while.
I think this is not true. If you are pulling a caravan or so the view from your rear view mirror is also blocked.
(in my country you do need a outside left and right mirrors in that case though


Wrt “But you do not really need a rear mirror”
I meant
“But you do not really need a rear mirror in Lima”
(and it was a Peruvian driver who told me this)


In a short future, for a medium priced car, all this stuff will be standard and available on the central console via the central computer system (probably running android)

( and probably soon you will see cars stopped on the roadside waiting for some Ctrl-Alt-Del… ha ha)


“But you do not really need a rear mirror. As some driver told me. Everything that happens behind you is not your problem.”
A Chinese friend said the same to me, when I asked why he didn’t adjust the mirrors on his e-bike. 🙂


It’s a really cool device for old car,I think you are older enough for distraction, what the GPS and center navigation system, same thing distraction, I don’t see the point,when you driven you are driven,you have to look around to 360 degree and with experience a little be of concentration.distraction for me is if see a nice looking woman
I think,just need to add more features, like sensor, when a car is approaching to close to you, with sound alarm,distance, hand free,streaming music, maybe,blind spot,storage, more camera.
For started is ok


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