$15 pcDuino3 Nano Lite Board Includes Gigabit Ethernet and a Real SATA Port

I often read people complain about the lack of SATA and Gigabit Ethernet on devices, and following up a discussion on a recent post about QNAP TAS-168 and TAS-268 NAS, I was made aware that pcDuino3 Nano board had a little brother without NAND Flash, nor an IR receiver that’s currently selling for $15 on Amazon US.

pcDuino3_Nano_LitepcDuino3 Nano Lite board specifications are exactly the same as the other version minus the stricken-through items:

  • SoC – AllWinner A20 dual core ARM Cortex A7 @ 1.0 GHz with Mali 400MP2 GPU
  • System Memory – 1GB DRAM
  • Storage – 4GB NAND Flash, SATA connector and microSD card slot (up to 32GB)
  • Video Output – HDMI 1.4 with HDCP support
  • Audio Out – 3.5mm analog audio interface
  • Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB – 2x USB host, 1x USB OTG
  • Expansion Headers – Arduino UNO extension interface with 14xGPIO, 2xPWM, 6xADC, 1xUART, 1xSPI, 1xI2C.
  • Camera – MIPI camera support
  • Misc – IR receiver
  • Power – 5V, 2000mA
  • Dimensions – 91.4mm x 53.3mm

pcDuino3_Nano_Lite_BoardIn case you wonder if it is yet another of those boards with a USB to SATA chip, then no it is not has SATA is natively supported by Allwinner A20 processor, and transfer rates of over 40MB/s should be achievable in both directions for a NAS based on this board. The company provides Ubuntu 12.04 and Android 4.2 for the board, but you could also run Armbian based on Debian Jessy, Debian Wheezy, or Ubuntu Trusty, which support both the legacy Linux 3.4 kernel, and a more recent Linux 4.2 kernel if you don’t need audio support, nor video hardware decoding.

If you don’t live in the US, or don’t fell like using a US shipping forwarder, you’ll have to pay more, and what should be the normal price, as pcDuino3 Nano Lite sells for $34.99 + shipping on Linksprite.

Thanks to tkaiser for the tip!

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This is more 50EUR here at a shop in France: http://www.gotronic.fr/art-carte-pcduino-3nano-22148.htm


This is not the ‘Lite’ but the pdDuino3 Nano. Since all A20 based devices with GBit perform more or less identical (or are at least able to exceed 40 MB/s when set up correctly, except of the Lamobo R1 due to limitations of the switch driver I would suppose) choose the cheapest available from the list: http://linux-sunxi.org/Sunxi_devices_as_NAS


Why shipping forwarder would you recommend? I want to ship to Belgium.


How expensive is the shipping to EU?


AmazonUS don’t ship to the EU, only the US.


A20 really hits a sweet spot, Allwinner shall make some industrial class derivatives with improved IO interfaces(usb3, full-speed-GE, even adding a pcie interface, etc).

Sadly other similar chips are way too expensive, not to mention most does not have a native SATA at all.


According to linksprite the ‘Lite’ version is actually an early test batch.