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Astro Carrier & XBG201 Breakout Boards Are Designed for Nvidia Jetson TX1 Module

Nvidia unveiled Jetson TX1 system-on-module powered by their latest Tegra X1 processor, as well as a carrier board that fits into a mini-ITX case at the end of last year. However, if you need something more compact  and lightweight, Connect Tech designed Astro Carrier baseboard for Jetson TX1 module with about the same size, as well as a breakout board with connectors that can be customized as needed.

Bottom to Top: Jetson TX1 SoM, Astro Carrier, and XBG201 Breakout Board

Astro Carrier (ASG001) board specifications:

Astro Carrier (Click to Enlarge)

You’ll also need a breakout port plugged into the three 60-pin board to board connectors in order to add connector for power, USB, Ethernet, etc… and the company provides an off-the-shelf board called XBG201 with the following key features:

XBG201 Breakout Board (CLick to Enlarge)

Relevant cables and RTC cables are also available to XBG201 board. If the breakout board design does not match your requirements, the company can provide reference design package, which as I understand it should allow you to create your own design relatively easily, or design a custom breakout board on your behalf.

The software part should probably be fully handled by Nvidia, as they provide Jetson TX1 module, and you can find all information needed on Nvidia Jetson Embedded page to access the Linux SDK, libraries, tools, and documentation.

Astro Carrier and breakout boards are available now, at an undisclosed price. Some hardware documentation can be downloaded on the product page.  Connect Tech Inc (CTI) is also working on a lower cost Elroy carrier board that should be launched next month.

Thanks to Byron for the tip.

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