Get an Early ESP32 Board by Contributing to Luanode for ESP8266 & ESP32 Project (Crowdfunding)

Development boards and module based on Espressif ESP32 dual core processor with WiFi and Bluetooth LE connectivity are due for Q3 or Q4 2016, but you could get an early sample as early as July if you contribute to Jimmy Wu’s (of crowdfunding campaign to develop Luanode (Lua SDK) for ESP8266 and ESP32 processors, as ESP32 boards are part of the rewards.


Luanode is a Lua SDK for ESP32 and ESP8266 that supports multi-tasking through FreeRTOS, and includes support for peripherals. The source code and documentation can be already be found on Github, and the main differences against something like NodeMCU appear to be multi-tasking and (for now) ESP32 support. Interestingly the SDK contains a tools called WiFi-Killer uses for Denial of Service (DoS) attacks using ESP8266 or ESP32 modules…


One hardware project is called WiFi tank comprised of one T300 Tank Chassis, ESP8266 Development Kit, 720p HD Camera, WR703N Wireless Router, and controlled by an Android or iOS smartphone. The company behind the project is DOIT (Doctors of Intelligence and Technology) and the funds would be used for hardware, software, and documentation.

With less than 3 days to go, the campaign has not reached its goal yet however. ESP32 development kit rewards is $19, while a pack with 6 ESP32 devkit only costs $39 (maybe baseboard + 6 modules?), and the WiFi tank “video car” is also offered for $219. Shipping appears to be included, and delivery is scheduled for July 2016 for all three rewards.

Thanks to Harley for the tip.

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5 Replies to “Get an Early ESP32 Board by Contributing to Luanode for ESP8266 & ESP32 Project (Crowdfunding)”

  1. Q4 NOW!? I don’t expect this project has earlier access to the soc than ai-thinker or other module partners. I think this project was started before espressif pushed back the launch date 1-2 months.

  2. @Deets
    I wrote Q3 or Q4, as I’ve recently read ESP32 would be available in August, but A.I. thinker told me that “The ESP32 modules have not show on Market maybe Available on October.” a little while ago.

  3. I read that production-run ESP32 chips would be made available in bult from Espressif to its before the end of August, but that means that retail products that using ESP32 should not be available until September or October at the earliest.

    Small pre-production runs of the ESP32 has however been available to partners from February.

    How soon manufactuers will be able to push out ESP32 based products will depend if those parters have utlized thier time if they are partners with Espressif and have had access pre-production runs of the ESP32 so they could finish the actuall product and are only waiting the actual bulk deliveries from production-run ESP32 chips, and if so they just need to solder that chip onto their pre-tested product and ship.

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