Xiaomi 6-in-1 WiFi & Zigbee Smart Home Kit Works with Domoticz Home Automation Software

Xiaomi “Mijia” 6-in-1 smart home (security) kit is an home automation set with a WiFi & Zigbee multi-functional gateway with RGB light and speaker, a wireless switch, a window/door sensor, a  human body sensor, temperature & humidity sensor, and a smart socket.

The key features of each item are as follows:

  • Multifunctional Gateway Remote Control
    • WiFI and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Built-in speaker
    • Light sensor and 18x RGB LED for notifications potentially trigerred by connected sensors: body sensor, door sensor, IP camera…
    • Online radio support
  • Window / Door Sensor Set
    • Light and rings the gateway when opened or closed
    • Away from home mode: can trigger IP camera recording
    • Power – CR2032 cell battery that should last for 2 years
  • Smart Wireless Switch
    • Programmable one key switch to turn off all lights/applicance, turn on one light at night, etc…
  • Human Body Sensor
    • Motion sensor allowing you to control other devices through the gateway
    • Power – CR1632 battery
  • Smart Socket
    • Zigbee connectivity to gateway
    • Reports actual power consumption
    • Overload protection
    • Set timing turn on and turn off
  • Temperature Humidity Sensor
    • Triggers alarm if the temperature and/or humidity are out of normal range
    • Log data over time via Gateway
    • Power – CR2032 battery

You’d normally use this kit using MiHome app from the Apple Store or Google Play, but if the rather mixed user reviews scare you off, the good news is that the Xiaomi gateway (Aqara) is now supported by Domoticz (Beta). Note that there appears to be multiple hardware versions of the gateway, and Domoticz will only work with version 2.0 or greater.

Domoticz integration still requires you to install MiHome app, as you need to enable developer options, specifically “LAN functions” to set a fixed IP address. Once this is done you’ll be able to select “Xiaomi Gateway” in Domoticz web interface, and input the IP address. After getting back to the Android / iOS app again to setup the sensors, Domoticz should automatically detect them.

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Once this is done, you should not need to access Xiaomi’s mobile app anymore, and can manage and control your devices with Domoticz web interface or/and Android app.

Support for Xiaomi Smart Home gateway was merged on Github last December, and if you want to find others experiences, there’s a long thread about it on Domoticz forums. The kit described above can be purchased from GearBest for $74.5 shipped. You’ll also find the kit on other shops such as DealExtreme with various options  (4-in-1, 6-in-1, gateway only, etc…), as well as Aliexpress.

Thanks to Harley for the tip.

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11 Replies to “Xiaomi 6-in-1 WiFi & Zigbee Smart Home Kit Works with Domoticz Home Automation Software”

  1. “Domoticz integration still requires you to install MiHome app, as you need to enable developer options, specifically “LAN functions” to set a fixed IP address.”
    Is this the only reason? Usually, you can set fixed IP in DHCP settings in your router.

  2. Unfortunately Zigbee is not HA or ZLL certified, so the sensors are not cross compatible with other hubs. It would be nice to have that, since Xiaomi has good prices on his products

  3. Domoticz and OpenHAB have both managed to control the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway over local network via its API.

    Samsung SmartThing comminity have however figured out how to get the Samsung SmartThing Hub to communicate directly over Zigbee with some of the Xiaomi sensors. At least with Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor and the Motion Sensor, as well as with their Smart Button Device.


    Would be nice if could use a XBee or similar Zigbee USB dongle to talk directly to those cheap sensors over Zigbee.

    Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor and the Motion Sensor can be bought individually for less than $10(US) each.

  4. Can anyone recommend any good Zigbee USB dongles/adapters that work with x86-64 PC and open source home automation software like Domoticz aor OpenHAB?

  5. Oh, and can anyone recommend any good but cheap power-adapter plugs to convert a grounded Chinese plug to EU power-plug standard?

    I would like to buy this Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit but living in Central Europe neither the Gateway or the power-plug would fit directly in the wall socket.

    Can anyone recommend such a so called “travel adapter” that is flush to be as small as possible yet be of good quality and safe?

    Both the Xiaomi Gateway or the Xiaomi power-plug have grounded (with earth connection) so need the EU adapter to have that too.

  6. @Harley

    I recomend Skross Combo World – Adapter per Australia/China SKR 1500210 for the gateway in europe (it’s a combo package that you can user with smart socket) , i bought from elektropro on amazon.fr at 7.99€.

    Skross also sold both adapters individually, but i don’t have their reference.

    I prefer to user good eletrical adapter to minimize fire risk from some chinese adapter…


  7. “Human Body Sensor
    Power – CR1632 battery”

    I’m almost certain that Human body sensor uses CR2450, it’s mention on the box. Later when i arrive home i will confirm.


  8. I love Xiaomi things, but:
    Do NOT buy this ! my advice…

    I have Gateway Remote Control and temperature+ door sensor, but gateway is on some”strange” servers from China, India and need to connect with them, very VERY slow, and that if you have luck!
    my first app need it, was internet radio who say it have; BUT: you CANNOT connect to any web radio, only CHINESE!
    THAT they not tell you!
    and so on…
    So, my advice, keep your money, I lose it for you!

  9. @akex: Please stop telling b/s. People buy such stuff to hack it and make it run like they want. You’re probably the only one who runs it with vendor c_r_a_pware. Go get some life with OpenSource software, there’re plenty of links above.

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