$10 Smartphone Display Released for Orange Pi 2G-IoT Board

Orange Pi 2G-IoT is a low cost ARM Linux board with 2G, and WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity, basically with the guts of a smartphone minus the display and battery. Shenzhen Xunlong has now released a 800×480 display with capacitive touch support for the board available in black or white, and selling for $9.98 plus shipping.

The board is too thick to make a smartphone out of it, but it reminds of the very expensive Qualcomm MDP’s (Mobile Development Platform), so Android app developers may find some use to test their apps on lower end hardware.  It could also be used for control panels that do not need to be very thin.

Orange Pi 2G-IoT display specifications:

  • 3.5″ TFT Display with 800×480 resolution
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Case with the Back, Home, and Recent buttons
  • Dimensions – With case: 57.14 x 96.85 x 2.0 mm; Display only: 51.84 x 86.4mm

Software support is a mystery, and while I’m pretty sure it will work in Android, I don’t know if Linux distributions will support the display, at least at the beginning. The complete kit with the board and display would cost $20 plus shipping.

Via Raffaele Tranquillini on Embedded Electronics Projects G+ community

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