Orange Pi 3G-IoT Board Finally Gets a Linux Image

Orange Pi Development Boards

Shenzhen Xunlong has launched several cellular IoT boards over the last few years with Orange Pi 2G-IoT, Orange Pi 3G-IoT and Orange Pi 4G-IoT, but each time, they are launched with Android support only. Linux support on the 2G board has never been great, while the Android 8.1 SDK for Orange Pi 4G-IoT was released earlier this year, but no Linux image are available.

This leaves us with Orange Pi 3G-IoT board that just got its first Linux based firmware images released today on both Baidu and Google Drive cloud storage storage services.

Orange Pi 3G-IoT LinuxFour images are available for Orange Pi 3G-IoT-A (256MB DDR2) and Orange Pi 3G-IoT-B (512MB DDR2) boards with images booting from eMMC flash or micro SD card. A shell script ( is provided to flash the image to the micro SD card since the latter for follow a specific partition layout.

Orange Pi 3G-IoT Linux FirmwareSadly, there’s no mention of the distribution used, or whether the company used buildroot or the Yocto Project to create the images.

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> A shell script ( is provided to flash the image to the micro SD card

This script looks more like a hack to assemble a skeleton containing bootloader+kernel with some random userland to generate the images that can be downloaded now:

The last time I booted such a Xunlong ‘Linux’ image (IIRC with Allwinner H5) it was exactly like that. Userland recycled from other images (the bash history and contents of some directories contained also some stuff for their Orange Pi 2G-IoT board) and all the important stuff missing.


I downloaded the tar.gz file and looked at the premade image It doesn’t even HAVE /lib/modules.


I’m not that surprised 😉

It’s obvisously just an Android image with replaced userland. But it seems everything ‘works great’:


If you have any progress installing Linux onto the Orange Pi 3G IOT B, can you put your experience to please?

We need your skills