Giveaway Week Winners – November 2019

We just had another of our yearly “Giveaway week” on CNX Software with 7 prizes including Arm and RISC-V development boards, NB-IoT tracker, USB-C hub, as well as development kits based on ESP32 or ESP8266 WiSoCs.

People just had to comment within a 48 hours period, and we would randomly select a winner each day.

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We now have all confirmed winners with a strong start from Europe, Asia catching up mid-week, before with Poland and Brazil taking the week-end prizes:

  • Balena Fin Developer Kit – Laurent H, FRANCE
  • WisCellular NB-IoT & eMTC GPS Tracker – Jimmy, SWEDEN
  • MINIX NEO S1 USB-C Hub with 120GB built-in SSD – Jeroen, BELGIUM
  • Maixduino Sipeed M1 RISC-V AI Kit – Nguyen Tung, VIETNAM
  • ANAVI Gas Detector Starter Kit – Bumsik Kim, SOUTH KOREA
  • Particle Mesh IoT Development Kit – Wojciech Lubicz-Lapinski, POLAND
  • NanoPi M4V2 SBC & Metal Case Kit – Thiago Tavares, BRAZIL

I checked the results for 2018 and 2017 for fun, and the US had two winners those last two times, but none in 2019.

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I’ve just sent all 7 packages earlier this afternoon, and hopefully, most will receive their prize within 2 or 3 weeks. Thanks to everyone who participated. Let’s do it again next year.

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