Android 10 on Xiaomi Mi A2 (Lite) or When Firmware Updates Go Wrong

I’ve been using Xiaomi Mi A2 smartphone since December 2018. At the time, it shipped with Android 8.0, but I soon got an update to Android 8.1, and later to Android 9.0. I’m quite satisfied with the phone as it receives (almost) monthly security updates, works reasonably faster, features a decent camera, and overall does the job.

The biggest complaint I have so far is about storage. It comes with 32GB eMMC flash and no MicroSD card slot, and it’s constantly full, so I have to clear the cache often, and sometimes I need to uninstall an app and reinstall it in order to install an update. Sometimes in January, I got a notification about Android 10 updates, but since I was out of space, I only installed it late February after some serious storage cleaning…

Xiaomi Mi A2 Android 10The update went smoothly, and after some adjustment to the settings I was back to a usable phone, but I soon noticed a warming on the lock screen: “Charging slowly“. I work at home and probably spent 90% of my time there, so it’s not that much of an issue since I can easily charge it. But yesterday, I forgot to charge it, and when I came home I had a 5% charge left. So I connected the charger, but when I woke up in the morning (8 hours later) it was still charging with a 95% charge. In Android 9.0, a full charge would take around 1h30. I forgot to take a screenshot, but as I charge again this morning, we can see something is wrong.

Xiaomi A2 Charging Slowly

The first screenshot was taken at 10:36 with a 70% charge, and an estimated 1h30 left for a full charge. I turned off the display and came back 41 minutes later with only 79% charge, and an estimated 1h18 to go for a full charge. Something is clearly wrong, and I’m not alone with no workaround. It’s been nearly two months since Android 10, so a fix would really be nice…

I decided to write the issue this morning, as Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite model just got its Android 10 update (partial release), and an article on Notebookcheck recommends avoiding the update. Why? Because of the history of botched releases by Xiaomi including Xiaomi Mi A3 phone which they had to revert. But more worrying are some of the comments in the post:

This update entirely bricked my phone, and there’s widespread reports of the same issue!

My me a2 lite died alter it, 3 hour fight with restore rom failded:-/ domy do it..

This is confirmed in other reports on Reddit and MI forums. So if you own a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite phone and thought updating your device to Android 10 would be a good idea, just be patient and wait until the company works things out.

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11 Replies to “Android 10 on Xiaomi Mi A2 (Lite) or When Firmware Updates Go Wrong”

  1. I usually do a factory reset after an update. Or at least reset my battery stats.
    Not saying there isn’t an issue, i just typically have fewer issues when i do a factory reset – regardless of manufacturer.

  2. Mi A2 user here.

    No issues like this so far. Only 2 things are annoying me: swiping away the lockscreen often needs two hands as its rather gooey. clicking pictures with the volume key starts a 3s countdown instead of triggering the picture immediately.

    Waiting for the next update to fix it.

    I once had something annoying with Android 9 where the phone lost its 4g abilities after setting it to 3g. Support was friendly but non-commital. Referring me to my dealer (nice joke, thanks Xiaomi India). Fortunately the next update fixed it.

    1. I know this thread is quite oldish, but this is really a crap…

      Please be warned with the latest update of Android 10 for the A2 there are overheating and battery drain issues.

      Last night my wife wanted to nick my charger for her phone and told me that my phone is hot, I immediately took it off charge and put it aside at 65%. Later I used it for a couple of minutes, far less than one hour of SOT I’d guess. Now in the morning I wanted to put it back on charge and guess what? It was turned off, battery empty!

      So be warned fellow Mi A2 owners! There’s something seriousely wrong with Android 10 on the Mi A2.
      So currently you have the choice of a working Android 9 without security updates or a completely broken Android 10 with sporadic updates. Both not really what we would expect from an Android One handset.

      Are there any other options for the future? Preferrably good build quality, reasonable price, regular updates, no weird GUI changing every other month completely, etc. etc.

  3. My wife also has the same phone and I’ve updated some time ago and no issues so far. Probably just lucky, I guess. The only annoying thing is that now there are 2 navigation buttons instead of 3 and I couldn’t find a way to change it. Now she’s used to it, so I got lazy to look further.

  4. Hi Jean Luc,

    I am still on my A1 (yup, sd card+64gb) and was wondering if it would get A10 (out of update cycle it seems)
    Well I am not so in a rush now 🙂
    Its more than usable and fast charging and all.

    PS: Is TOT better telco in CNX, didnt know it was still an option

    1. I think A1 is out of the 18 months support window, so I don’t think it will get Android 10.
      I’m using TOT for fiber, my mobile provider is TrueMove.

  5. I assume you use the same charger and cable as before the update?
    Maybe try swapping one at a time to a new(/other)?

    1. Sadly, I have not found any solution to the problem. It’s still not fixed, even after a new update.

  6. My mobile phone operator works too late. Another problem is that the battery runs out too fast charging put very hot early and if you update any application, there are many problems again. Xiaomi a2 lite issue come update Android 10

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