UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance Combines Whiskey Lake SBC, Myriad X VPUs, and Video Management & Analytics Software

We’re seeing more and more computer vision products with built-in artificial intelligence accelerated features like face recognition or object detection including AI cameras, facial recognition systems, and AI NVR systems. It’s great as a consumer because of less frequent and more accurate alerts in security camera systems but more worrying as a citizen due to mass surveillance.

But the trend is here to stay, and AAEON has just announced the UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance solutions powered by UP Extreme Whiskey Lake SBC with either an Intel Core i5-8365UE or Intel Core i7-8665UE processor, as well as two Intel Movidius Myriad X VPUs using OpenVINO SDK. The system also leverages Milestone video management software (VMS) and SAIMOS video analytics software.

Based on the photo above, the hardware looks to be UPX-Edge Embedded Computer which we previously covered in details at launch last December.

Instead of hardware, the focus of Up Xtreme Smart Surveillance is to provide a turnkey solution combining AAEON hardware with software from partners with Milestone XProtect Express+ VMS enabling the monitoring of up to 32 video streams simultaneously, and SAIMOS video analytics software optionally integrated into XProtect for the analysis of up to 16 recordings at the same time.

Milestone XProtect Smart Client – Click to Enlarge

The Windows 10 IoT Enterprise system ships with a software license allowing up to 8 Milestone recording and 4 SAIMOS video analytics channels, but by upgrading Milestone XProtect Express+ and/or purchasing additional SAIMOS licenses the solution can handle the following scenarios:

Intel Core i7-8665UEIntel® Core™ i5-8365UE
Milestone standalone (recording only)328
SAIMOS standalone (video analytics only)168
Combined Milestone + SAIMOS8 recording8 recording
& up to 8 SAIMOS Video Analytics& up to 4 SAIMOS Video Analytics

The smart surveillance solution supports applications such as people/object counting, heat mapping, virtual fence & perimeter protection, dynamic blurring, and object detection. The system also uses data analytics and edge computing to provide real-time analysis and can generate an alert as soon as an incident is detected.

Some use cases – Click to Enlarge

AAEON UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance is available now and sold on the company’s store for $1,999 (Core-i5) or $2,399 (Core-i7) with a 19V power supply. You’ll still need to get cameras to interface with the system. A few more details may be found on the product page and press release.


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4 months ago

Why anyone would want an Intel device for security applications is beyond me.