IKOULA hosts Raspberry Pi 4 “micro server” for 4.99+ Euros per month

Hosting services for Arm single board computers where you pay a monthly fee for a board, and have it hosted in a datacenter with Internet access and easy provisioning have been around for over six years.

Last summer, we reported that Mythic Beasts and mini Nodes had added Raspberry Pi 4 hosting plans to their offerings, and others commented there were also other companies. But I’ve just been informed IKOULA, a hosting company based in France, had introduced Raspberry Pi 4 “micro server” hosting plans starting at just 4.99 Euros ex. VAT per month.

The hosting plans include the following:

  • Micro server – Raspberry Pi 4 SBC with 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage – 16GB SD card (optional 120 GB SSD)
  • Connectivity – IPV6 only, with IPv4 as an option
  • Bandwidth – 1 Gbit/s
  • Availability – 99.95 %

The company offers Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS), Ubuntu 20.04 32-bit or 64-bit for the services.

IPv6 will probably be fine if you’re going to be the only person accessing it, but if you intend to run services accessible from others, the IPv4 option will likely be needed. This adds 2.5 Euros per month, and for faster and larger storage, the 120 GB SSD adds 5 Euros per month. You’ll get some discounts for semi-annual and annual plans.

IKOULA explains the main use cases for Raspberry Pi 4 micro server is to run to own mail server (note: this may be challenging due to spam control), a web server running Apache, NGINX, or Lighttpd, or a VPN server. Remote backup is another use case where such solutions may be suitable.

Check out the product page for more information, and to subscribe to the service.

Thanks to MiguelSu for the tip.

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