InuoMicro G4305L8-S2 fanless industrial PC box offers eight 2.5GbE ports for $203

InuoMicro G4305L8-S2 is a relatively inexpensive fanless industrial PC box powered by an Intel Celeron 4305U Whiskey Lake processor that offers eight 2.5GbE ports making the system suitable for firewall and other networking applications.

The barebone computer supports up to 32GB RAM, one mSATA SSD, one 2.5-inch SATA drive, and also provides interfaces such as HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs and a few USB ports allowing the user as a standard computer. Wireless connectivity can be implemented through mini PCIe and/or M.2 4G LTE and WiFi modules.

Low cost 8 2.5GbE industrial PC box: InuoMicro G4305L8-S2

InuoMicro G4305L8-S2 specifications:

  • SoC – Intel Celeron 4305UE dual-core Whiskey Lake processor @ 2.0 GHz (base, no turbo frequency) with Intel UHD Graphics 610; 15W TDP
  • System Memory – Up to 32GB DDR4 2133/2400MHz via a single SO-DIMM socket
  • Storage
    • mSATA SSD socket
    • 2.5-inch SATA bay for SSD or HDD
  • Video Output – HDMI and DisplayPort
  • Networking
    • 8x 2.5GbE RJ45 ports via Intel i225V controllers
    • Optional WiFi and Bluetooth via mini PCIe or M.2 socket
    • Optional 4G LTE via mini PCIe socket + SIM card slot
  • USB – 4x USB 3.0 Type-A ports, 2x USB 2.0 interface (I assume through headers since none are visible from the outside or photo of the board)
  • Expansion
    • Mini PCIe (Full Length) socket for 4G LTE
    • Mini PCIe (Half Length) for WiFi (USB)
    • M.2 E-key 2230 socket for Wi-Fi
    • GPIO (internal only)
  • Misc – CMOS clear jumper, automatic boot jumper, power button, reset button, HDD and Power LEDs, RJ45 console port
  • Power Supply – 12V via DC jack
  • Dimension – 220 x 128 x 47 mm
  • Temperature Range – Operating: 0 to 50°C; storage: -20 to 80°C

Whiskey Lake industrial PC

While the company says the G4305L8-S2 is an “industrial” PC Box the operating temperature range is only from 0 to 50°C. Supported operating systems include Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu, fPsense, CentOS, and Untangle. Windows 11 is not listed, but the Intel Celeron 4305U is in the list of processors supported by the latest operating system from Microsoft.

InuoMicro sells the barebone G4305L8-S2 box PC on Amazon for $203.I could not find it anywhere else, but I would not be surprised if it was just an OEM model, and it may soon show up under other brands.

Celeron 4305U motherboard

Via FanlessTech

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11 Replies to “InuoMicro G4305L8-S2 fanless industrial PC box offers eight 2.5GbE ports for $203”

        1. Thanks for the link. For reference, the ordering code for the computer discussed here is “MB4U860-0912”.

  1. Their store on Amazon is full of various variations of this theme. They have models with better CPU’s if that is what you want. What is nice is for this model, there is a single selector in the Amazon store for this and you can choose from “barebones nothing” to fully populated with ram, storage and WiFi. Lots of choices here. Their Amazon store has only been open a week.

  2. This feels like some dude found a couple pallets of these that had been forgotten for a while.

    Dual core CPU from 4 years ago.
    mSata SSD.
    Mini-PCIe slot for wifi adapter.
    Most likely buggy i225-V revs.

    No thanks. I’ll take a Topton n5105 firewall from Aliexpress any day over this; even if has less ports.

    1. Maybe instead they focused on prices and used less recent chips that were available for a much lower price and quite sufficient for the job.

      1. To be honest, I think they missed the mark price wise. Units with more up to date hardware aren’t that much more expensive than this. But it’s on Amazon so you do get it fast and you’ll be able to return it easily.

        I just can’t wrap my head around the choices they made.

        Good luck sustaining heavy traffic across 8 * 2.5Gbe NICs with a dual core Celeron from 4 years ago. Single channel memory won’t help either here.Mini-PCIe over M.2mSata SSD over M.2 (not enough PCIe lanes?)I225 ICs over I226 (couldn’t find actual pricing for ICs but Intel states they’re the same RCP)

        It really feels like old hardware.

        1. > Good luck sustaining heavy traffic across 8 * 2.5Gbe NICs with a dual core Celeron from 4 years ago

          It goes up to a six core i7-10810U from three years ago 😉

          The different SKUs can be found here for example (the ‘Ordering and spec information’ tab):

        2. Most of the time those who need this many interfaces want to build HA firewalls, so half of the interfaces are backup, and the rest just sees asymmetric traffic. Usually you have 90% of the traffic flowing from one interface to the DMZ and forwarded from the DMZ to the third LAN, and the 10% remaining is spread in all directions. That’s just 5.5 Gbps in this case, and will pass through even a 4-year old Celeron without sweating. On such type of use cases what matters the most is not bandwidth in practice but packet processing, and here the limit will likely be around 1-2 Mpps max and ~100k conn/s max when conntrack is in use. That’s often sufficient and by a large margin for most deployments which care about low consumption or a small form factor.

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