ESP ZeroCode web application creates custom Matter-certifiable firmware for ESP32 targets

Low-code/no-code platforms keep on coming and Espressif Systems ESP ZeroCode adds to the list. It is a web application designed to prepare Matter-certifiable firmware for ESP32 devices as per the user’s requirements.

The website is supposed to streamline the product development where the firmware is developed for you (no need for those costly software/firmware engineers!) and future OTA updates are also guaranteed for a period of three years. It’s a bit similar to the Tuya platform, but for ESP32 devkits, modules, and/or rebranded products with Matter-certified firmware.

ESP ZeroCode Workflow

So I went to the website to give it a try in Firefox in Ubuntu. After registration and login, we are given three options: Your products, Create a new product, and Rebrand a Certified Product

ESP ZeroCode

I went with the second option and named by new product “CNX Software Gizmo”.CNX Software Gizmo

In the next step, we can select the device type between socket, plug, light, and blinds. I selected a plug with a WS2812 RGB LED and clicked on Proceed to select module.

Matter Socket with RGB LED

I was offered ESP32-C3, ESP32-H2, or ESP32 series modules or development kits. I went with the ESP32-H2-MINI-1 with Zigbee and BLE connectivity.
ESP Zero Code ESP32 H2 MINI 1

We can then configure the device by changing the GPIOs and other parameters for the button and relay, and since I wanted something fancy, I added 8 RGB LEDs to my smart socket.

ESP ZeroCode Configure Device

The Customise and Review section allows us to check our product configuration, and select “ZeroCode Benefits”. Three years of security update and Matter are enabled by default, and you can add Apple Home and/or Google Home as additional options.

Review CNX Software Gizmo Matter Device
The next step will generate the firmware and allow you to try it out with ESP Launchpad on your module or development kit. But it’s not working in Firefox for now since it requires the WebUSB API that is not implemented in the web browser from Mozilla just yet.

ESP ZeroCode Fail Firefox

So I switched to Chrome, and I could find CNX Software Gizmo after logging in “Your products”.

ESP ZeroCode Chrome

So I clicked on the rocket icon to continue, and ESP ZeroCode generated the firmware offering my test it in ESP LaunchPad.

ESP32 firmware Try in LaunchPad

I had to skip that part since I don’t have an ESP32-H2 module or development kit with me and moved to the last step: “Place Order”.

ESP Zero Code Product Ordering

This may be the most difficult part, as you’ll need to become a CSA member and get CSA certifications. The ordering process is not quite as streamlined as the rest, as after getting your Vendor ID and Certificate Declaration ID, you’ll need to copy an email template to place your order with Espressif Systems. You may also consider changing the quantity if 10 million units is too much or too little for you…

If you prefer not to handle the mainboard and enclosure design yourself, and order a complete product, you can select the “Rebrand a Certified product” option. There are currently four products:

  • A lightbulb with SM2335EGH driver
  • A plug
  • A 2-channel retrofit switch
  • A wall-mounted switch

ESP ZeroCode Certified Products

There’s nothing to configure here, and sadly we are not shown photos of the products. Clicking on “Next step” will generate an email template for your to place your order.

Matter-certified product orderingAdditional information may also be found in the official announcement.

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  1. From memory, the Firefox people have explicitly said they won’t implement webusb or webserial. So it isn’t just a “not yet” issue.

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