Droid Stick A2 Firmware With Google Play Fix

If you have read my previous review of the Droid Stick A2, I was pretty upset about Google Play since I could not install most of the apps. This is now fixed, and Kimdecent has released a firmware upgrade.

Here’s how to upgrade:

  1. Download g02refDongle-ota-20130201.rar
  2. Extract it in your PC, and copy the files (g02refDongle-ota-20130201.zip and uImage_recovery) to the root of your microSD card (Formatted as FAT32)
  3. Insert the microSD into Droid Stick A2
  4. Boot the mini PC normally, and launch the “Upgrade” app
  5. Select Local Upgrade, then select g02refDongle-ota-20130201.zip and click on Reboot and Install Package
  6. Droid Stick A2 will reboot, and it should start upgrading Android.
  7. Done

Since I’ve been messing up with Android and broken something, “Reboot and Install Package” does nothing for me (some permissions issues with /cache/recovery/command), so I could not verify this works or not. Finally, I could install it on the first version of Droid Stick A2 and Google Play now works fine.

In the other, newer, stick I’ve bricked (or sort of bricked), I’ve tried to enter recovery mode by shorting the two large pads below TP14 (See pic), and it does seem to enter a special mode, but my TV does not detect any video signals.

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