Linaro 13.06 Release With Linux Kernel 3.10 and Android 4.2.2

Linaro 13.06 has been released with Linux Kernel 3.10-rc6 and Android 4.2.2. Linux Linaro Stable (LSK) preview is based on kernel 3.9.6.

There seems to have been a lot of activity for the LAVA and Builds and Integration teams, with LAVA support for new SoC such as Huawei K3V2 and Broadcom Capri from 2 companies which have recently joined Linaro as members, and well as continuous build for Linaro Stable Kernel. On the kernel side, more work has been done for multi-platform support (unified kernel), uprobes, eMMC power mamangement, and more.

Here are the highlights of this release:

  • LAVA
    • LAVA Core
      • As part of the effort to improve the developer experience with LAVA, the different client tools were consolidated into a single package, which simplifies the process of updating the tools and makes it easier for the team to provide new features for LAVA users.
      • LAVA now supports KVM devices, which can be used for providing x86 boxes for cross-building and other tasks where there is no need (or no possibility) or using actual ARM devices.
      • Linaro LAVA users can now submit LAVA jobs targeting Calxeda EnergyCore nodes. The devices are available under the “highbank” device type.
      • 5 Arndale Boards are now available in LAVA.
      • Nexus 10, Huawei k3v2, and Broadcom Capri support has been added.
      • UEFI booting supported on b.L fastmodels.
      • Interactive boot commands supported on UEFI fastmodels.
      • Image reports modified to add the ability to chart & visualize filter results
    • LAVA Infrastructure:
      • All Fastmodel server upgrades now controlled by Salt
      • & authenticate against Linaro OpenID/crowd.
      • Lab Xen Virtual machines now backed up to NAS.
      • LAVA Lab now monitored 24/7 with Nagios.
      • LAVA production server upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
  • Builds and Baselines
    • CI loop for LSK (Linaro Stable Kernel) Android proof of concept kernel based on 3.9.6 kernel version has been setup that includes the b.L IKS and MP patches.
    • Support for CI loop for kernel with Android filesystem has been added to android-build. CI loop has been setup to track the ARM LT integration tree.
    • HiSilicon member build with complete CI loop has been setup and tracks the LT kernel tree.
    • Several critical issues fixed
    • LNG (Linaro Networking Group) kernel tress has been set up. It’s based on 3.8.13 with PREEMPT_RT patchset and Arndale enablement
    • Linaro Toolchain Binaries 2013.05 released.
    • Linux Linaro 3.10-rc6 2013.06 released
      • interactive-gov-updates topic from Viresh Kumar (rebased version of the 13.05 topic)
      • updated Versatile Express patches from ARM LT
      • updated arndale/exynos patches from Samsung LT
      • vexpress64 support (both RTSM and Foundation model)
      • new omap-fixes-13.06 topic: USB host and the on-board ethernet are operational on Panda again
      • config fragments changes
    • Linaro Stable Kernel (preview) 3.9.6 2013.06 released
      • generic vexpress TC2 support from ARM LT (no big.LITTLE MP, IKS, and arm64)
      • MCPM patches for TC2
      • big-LITTLE-MP-master-v16
      • generic IKS support from Nicolas Pitre
      • IKS TC2 patches
      • core config fragments from linux-linaro 13.04 (linaro-base.conf, ubuntu-minimal.conf, big-LITTLE-MP.conf)
      • perf tools: fix to make perf to build in 3.9 kernel
      • builddeb tweaks to enable kernel cross build with deb-pkg, and to ensure that the DT blob is built and packed properly into the kernel image package.
      • android for v3.9 plus Linaro fixes
    • Linaro OpenEmbedded baseline updates:
      • Switched to repo for clone(s)
      • GCC updated to Linaro GCC 4.8 2013.06 release and also the default
      • Kernel updated to linux-linaro 2013.06 release
      • icedtea bumped to version 03b21-2.1.8
      • External toolchain supported; see -h
      • xvfb added to LAMP image
      • LNG image added, based on YOCTO
      • LEG JAVA image added
  • Graphics
    • xf86-video-armsoc extended for ST-Ericsson drm driver (Nova)
  • Kernel

    • Port some of the simpler platforms to multiplatform support
      • Integrator PCI DT pulled into ARM SoC tree
      • u300 work pulled into the ARM SoC tree
      • Nomadik clock DT pulled into ARM SoC tree
    • Implement and upstream ARM 32 bit uprobes support
    • Refactor OHCI controller code
      • Create base patch for OHCI to allow loading backends as modules
      • factor out OMAP, OMAP3, at91, SPEAr and s3c2410 backends
    • Improve eMMC Power Management Support
    • Storage EXT4 journal in enhanced area of eMMC
    • Upstream “power: Add option to log time spent in suspend” patch from AOSP
    • Android upstreaming: Ashmem
    • Migrate Android Alarmtimer driver over to using the upstreamed Alarmtimers
  • Power Management
    • Full automation of b.L benchmarking
    • cpu hotplug latency test should be integrated on to scheduler test suite to run on LAVA
    • Linaro PM QA 0.4.2 2013.06 release – bug fix
  • QA
    • Successfully completed 13.06 release testing on Android, Ubuntu and OpenEmbedded builds. Test results and bug reports have been shared.
    • Initial cleanup of bugs in Linaro launchpad projects was completed.
    • Piglit test suite is now run on each Android build for Pandaboard
  • Toolchain
    • Linaro QEMU 1.5.0 2013.06 released, based off upstream (trunk) QEMU 1.5.0
    • Linaro eglibc 2.17 2013.06 released with faster memcpy implementation for hardware with NEON or VFP support.
    • Linaro newlib 2.0.0 2013.06 released with faster memcpy implementation for hardware with NEON or VFP support.
    • Linaro binutils 2.23.2 2013.06 released
    • Linaro GCC 4.7 and 4.8 2013.06 released
  • LEG
    • Linaro UEFI 2013.06 released
    • HugeTLB (aka “large pages”, TLB = “translation lookaside buffer”) and THP (Transparent Huge Pages) support for ARMv8 have been pulled into linux-next
Visit for a list of known issues and further release details about the LEB and community builds, Android, Kernel, Graphics, Multimedia, Landing Team, Platform, Power management and Toolchain (GCC / Qemu) components.
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