Linaro 15.06 Release with Linux 4.1 and Android 5.1

Linaro 15.06 has been released with Linux 4.1-rc8, Linux 3.10.80 and 3.14.44 (LSK), and Android 5.1.1.

Highlights of this release:

  • Linux Linaro 4.1-rc8-2015.06
    • linaro-android topic updated to 4.1-rc8 and recent aosp/android-3.18
    • included GATOR version 5.21.1
    • updated integration-linaro-vexpress64 topic by ARM LT
  • Linaro builds of AOSP 15.06 is released
    • CI bring up: setup AOSP master build on Emulator
    • implemented boot-to-gui test for Emulator
    • CI bring up: setup AOSP 5.0 headless build for APM X-Gene Mustang
  • Linaro OpenEmbedded 2015.06
    • updated linux-linaro to ll-20150616.0 (based on 4.1-rc8)
    • updated linux-linaro-stable to 3.10.79
    • workaround meta-virtualization breakage
    • upstreaming
      • fixed bootimg.bbclass to work with all kernel image types
      • imported xorriso v1.4.0 from luvOS
      • cloud-image-*: catch up with OE-core class rename
  • Linaro Ubuntu 15.06 – updated packages: fvp-pre-boot (FVP firmware), LSK 3.10.79/3.14.44/3.18.16 and linux-linaro 4.1-rc8 kernels
  • CI bring up: uprobes/systemtap enabled build

Visit for a list of known issues, and further release details about the LEB, LMB (Linaro Member Builds), and community builds, as well as Android, Kernel, Graphics, Multimedia, Landing Team, Platform, Power management and Toolchain components.

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Typo in the first line… it should be 15.06

Linaro 15.04 has been released with Linux 4.1-rc8, Linux 3.10.80 and 3.14.44 (LSK), and Android 5.1.1.