NanoPi S2 Quad Core ARM Linux Board Comes with WiFi & BT Connectivity, HDMI, LVDS, and LCD Interfaces

FriendlyARM has released a bunch of Allwinner based NanoPi Allwinner boards recently, but they also have some Samsung/Nexcell S5P ARM Cortex A9 boards in their portfolio, and the latest is NanoPi S2 with Samsung S5P4418 quad core processor, three display interfaces, a camera interface, wireless connectivity through WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, a 40-pin “Raspberry Pi” header, and more.

NanoPi S2 specifications:

  • SoC – Samsung/Nexcell S5P4418 quad core Cortex A9 processor @ 400 MHz to 1.4 GHz with Mali-400MP GPU
  • System Memory – 1 GB DDR3
  • Storage – 8GB eMMC flash  + micro SD slot
  • Video Output / Display I/F – micro HDMI port up to 1080p60, 24-pin LCD RGB interface, 24-pin LVDS interface
  • Audio – 3.5mm audio jack, micro HDMI
  • Camera – 24-pin DVP camera interface
  • Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 classic & LE (AP6212 module); IPEX/u.FL antenna connector
  • USB – 1x USB 2.0 Host, 1x micro USB port for data and power
  • Expansion Headers
    • 40-pin Raspberry compatible header with GPIOs, UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, etc..
    • Unpopulated ADC header
  • Debugging – 4-pin serial header
  • Misc – 1x power LED, 1x system LED, 2x user keys, unpopulated RTC header, heatsink mounting holes
  • Power Supply – 5V/2A via micro USB port; AXP228 PMU with software shutdown and wake-up functions.
  • Dimensions – 75 x40 mm (8-layer PCB)

The hardware is quite similar to NanoPi 2 board, but it replaces one of the micro SD slot by an eMMC flash, adds an LVDS connector, an audio jack, an ADC header, and mounting holes with an heatsink.

Software support for NanoPi S2 is basically the same as for NanoPi 2 with Android 5.1 and Debian 8 images provided, both relying on Linux 3.4. You’ll find hardware and software documentation on the Wiki.

NanoPi S2 board sells for $45 plus shipping directly on FriendlyARM website. Bear in mind that it does not sell with an heatsink, and I could find one in the “optional accessories” section (yet). [Update: The company confirmed it works with the heat sink for T2/T3]

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12 Replies to “NanoPi S2 Quad Core ARM Linux Board Comes with WiFi & BT Connectivity, HDMI, LVDS, and LCD Interfaces”

  1. Regarding heatsink: Mounting hole distances of both S2 and M3 are identical (34x58mm) and placement of critical onboard components like headers is chosen wisely so should fit. It should also be noted that currently AFAIK the wrong camera is listed as accessory (CAM500A but it should be the new CAM500B instead I believe).

    I really hope FA is smart enough to use the same layout with their upcoming NanoPi A64 since then this would be the only A64 device so far that is supposed to run with constant full load without throttling down 😉

  2. Just wish FriendlyArm would bother to certify their boards as CE/FCC… for me only reason left for using Raspberry Pi (not that I care, but some markets are sensitive to this)

  3. LOL, just saw the different holes marked with ‘heatsink’ now. They look compatible to NanoPC T2/T3 and this heatsink might fit. But better ask FA, usually they respond pretty fast 🙂

  4. I can’t find any spec in the Wiki for the 5-pin ADC interface. Does anyone know more about this interface or what ADC resolution is available ?

  5. Just wish they’d use slightly better RF Module sets. Broadcom/Cypress’ lineup wasn’t exactly capable for many IoT type solutions. You can’t realistically do Mesh or anything like it with them…unfortunately

  6. Odd thought but if they could go main stream with a Android TV box based on component parts they use would that not drive costs down all round?

  7. @JM

    I read the other day that many chinese manufacturers use a logo similar but different from the official CE markings and it merely means “China Export”… the style of the logo is clearly intended to confuse, but in theory if you know what to look for you’d spot it’s not the CE marking you actually want.

    However, there are other sources which say otherwise..

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