Some Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers Double as Earbuds Holders

Wireless earbuds are nice, except I don’t really use the ones I have because they tend to fall off my ears as soon as I perform physical activities (e.g. running), and I often misplace them, so I may not have on hand when I need them.

One thing I wear virtually 24 hours a day is my smartwatch/fitness tracker, namely Weloop Hey 3S (still going strong after over 2 years), so if there were some wearables that could also store earbuds that would be nice.

ASLING S300 (Left) and ASLING G36 (Right)

While browsing new product arrivals this morning, I discovered there were several smartwatches that ships with Bluetooth earbuds that are stored inside the watch when not in use.

ASLING S300 smartwatch (left of the above photo) ships with two Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds that are stored on the side of the watch, while ASLING G36 smart bracelet stores them through an opening on the top of the watch which the company calls a “hidden electric warehouse”. Both watches support fitness/activity tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, synchronization with Android or iOS smartphones, and comes with a color display for a little over $50.

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If you prefer narrower fitness trackers, Aliexpress also has some other models with different methods to store the earbuds: either under the display, on the bottom and top of the tracker, or the display itself is detachable and act as a Bluetooth headset. Again, all those wristbands come with color displays, an heart rate monitor, and support Bluetooth notifications from your watch.

They all cost over $35, so hopefully, there aren’t any with a fake heart rate sensor. Having said that, none of those models come from well-known brands, and product pages don’t link to, nor give the name of, the Android / iOS app so it’s difficult to know the potential shortcomings of the mobile app in advance.

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