AMD launches Ryzen Embedded V3000 Zen3 processors for storage and networking applications

AMD has just launched the Ryzen Embedded V3000 family of processors with four to eight Zen3 cores, a DDR5 memory interface, twenty PCIe Gen4 lanes, and two 10GbE interfaces that make it ideal for storage and networking applications, especially since there’s no GPU at all.

The new embedded processors succeed the Ryzen Embedded V2000 Zen2 family introduced two years ago, and the Ryzen V1000 processors in 2018. For some reason, AMD decided to compare the new V3000 processors against the latter and claims up to 124% greater CPU performance, 50% improved memory transfer rate, twice the number of CPU cores, and improved I/O connectivity.

There are five Ryzen Embedded V3000 SKUs at launch with the V3C48, V3C44, V3C18I, V3C16, and V3C14 whose key differences can be found in the table below.

ModelTDP rangeCore /Thread Count
CPU Base Freq.
CPU Boost Freq.
L2 CPU CacheL3 CPU CacheJunction Temp.
Ryzen Embedded V3C4835-54W8 / 163.3 GHz3.8 GHz4 MB16 MB0-105°C
Ryzen Embedded V3C4435-54W4 / 83.5 GHz3.8 GHz2 MB8 MB0-105°C
Ryzen Embedded V3C18I10-25W8 / 161.9 GHz3.8 GHz4 MB16 MB-40-105°C
Ryzen Embedded V3C1610-25W6 / 122.0 GHz3.8 GHz3 MB16 MB0-105°C
Ryzen Embedded V3C1410-25W4 / 82.3 GHz3.8 GHz2 MB8 MB0-105°C

The AMD Ryzen Embedded V3C18I “industrial” processor also works in sub-zero temperatures for automotive and industrial applications.

Shared specifications include:

  • CPU – Next-generation x86 “Zen 3” CPU cores
  • Memory – Dual 64-bit DDR5 up to 4,800 MT/s with ECC support
  • Storage –  2x SATA 3.0, SATA Express, 2x NVMe
  • Networking – 2x 10 Gb Ethernet MAC capable of 1, 2.5 or 10Gbps speeds
  • USB
    • 2x USB 4.0 (20Gb/s per channel, 40Gb/s per port)
    • 2x USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gb/s)
    • 4x USB 2.0
  • PCIe – Up to 20L PCIe Gen4: one x8 and three x4
  • Low-speed I/Os – UART, Secure I2C, SMBus, Secure SPI/eSPI, GPIO
  • Security
    • AMD Memory Guard
    • AMD Secure Processor
    • Pre- and post-boot DMAr
    • Dual SPI ROM + Secure FW loading from ROM1
  • Package – FP7r2 (DDR5): Lidless BGA 0.65mm pitch, 25x35mm, 1.38mm height


Block diagram

AMD will provide support for Ubuntu & Yocto Linux for the V3000 series, as well as “Embedded-FP7r2 PI” firmware. The company also claims the processors are designed to last at least 5 years for 24/7 operation and will be available for at least 10 years to provide customers with a long-lifecycle support roadmap.

AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 processors are already shipping to “leading embedded ODMs and OEMs” and will be found in enterprise and cloud storage solutions, data center network routers, firewalls, and advanced systems at the edge. Additional information can be found on the product page and press release.

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6 Replies to “AMD launches Ryzen Embedded V3000 Zen3 processors for storage and networking applications”

  1. Strange to aim for storage market with only interfaces for drives. Seems weird to force implementors to use external PCIe to sas chips/cards. Is it just me who thinks this?

    1. No, not only you thinking like that.
      Intel has some really good offerings on this part, except for the great Zen3 cores ofc
      E.g I got an AsRock Rack d1541d4u-2o8 board, what an impressive amount of I/O it’s got from 5 years back

    2. > to aim for storage market

      Just read again: ‘enterprise and cloud storage solutions’. Look up for example ‘Open CloudServer JBOD specification’ to see where such SoCs might end up in.

      I would believe the important differentiation wrt all those listed use cases is you don’t need to pay for an integrated GPU that is of no use.

  2. Looks like an interesting family of devices for their target market, which is still a bit of a niche but with lots of much less capable competition. Let’s hope it will help kick all of their butts to refresh the offerings there. I still have not replaced my old Atom in my home server just due to poor offerings, and I feel that we could soon start to see more suitable stuff coming there. Let’s keep fingers crossed, I can wait a few more months if needed 🙂

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