TinyVision is a compact Allwinner V851S/V851S3-powered Linux board for vision-based applications

Unrelated to tinyVision.ai, the TinyVision development board is a computer vision board from Chinese developer YuzukiTsuru powered by either the Allwinner V851S or the V851S3 and is billed as an “ultimate all-in-one solution for Linux motherboards, IPCs, servers, routers, and more.”

tinyvision board

It packs features such as a Cortex-A7 core running at 1200MHz, a 2-channel MIPI CSI input, and an independent image signal processor (ISP) capable of a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 in a compact form factor.

tinyvision block diagram

TinyVision specifications:

  • Processor – Allwinner V851SE / V851s3 with
    • Cortex-A7 core @ 1200MHz and RISC-V E907GC core @ 600MHz
    • NPU: 0.5TOPS (tera operations per second) @ INT8 precision
  • Memory – 64MB DDR2 (V851se), 128MB DDR3L (V851s3)
  • Storage – MicroSD card slot (supports UHS-SDR104), onboard SD NAND via SPI
  • Display – 2-lane MIPI DSI (1280 x 720 @ 60fps), RGB LCD (320 x 240 @ 60fps)
  • Video Input
    • ISP with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440, up to 4Mbps @ 30fps
    • 10-bit Parallel CSI interface up to 4x 720p30
    • 4-lane MIPI CSI input at 4Mbps @ 30 fps
  • Video Codec
    • Online video encoding support
    • H.264/H.265 decoding @ 4096 x 4096 resolution
    • H.264/H.265 encoding @ 3840×2160 @ 20fps
  • USB – USB 2.0 DRD (Dual Role Device), combo USB and UART interface
  • Network – 10M/100M Ethernet MAC
  • Other Peripherals – 5x TWI/I2C, 4x UART, 4x SPI, 6x GPIO, 1-ch general-purpose analog-to-digital converter(GPADC), 11-channel PWM
  • Security – TrustZone, Secure Boot, Crypto Engine, Security ID
  • Real-Time – RTOS Support, based on RT-Thread + RTOS-HAL
  • Dimensions – 30 x 30mm

tinyvision board and usbttl splitter

The USB port on the device is Type-C but it is also described as USB 2.0, which is weird. Supporting modules include a USB-TTL splitter board that splits the USB-C port into USB and UART ports, an LCD display, a Wi-Fi module, a GC2053 camera, and an RJ45 connector.

TinyVision supports both Linux and a real-time operating system. It can run GNU/Linux operating systems such as OpenWrt 23.05, supports buildroot and mainline Linux 6.7, and offers RTOS support based on RT-Thread + RTOS-HAL. The board is open-source hardware. Schematics, bill of materials, and Gerber files can be found in the TinyVision GitHub repository.

The 64MB version of the board can be obtained for about $9 from AliExpress, with the 128MB board and certain modules also available for purchase. Further information about the TinyVision board can also be found on the YuzukiHD website.

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28 days ago

Thank you for the article, very interesting device!
Unfortunately the aliexpress url is 404 for me here in germany (possibly country blocked?)

Jon Smirl
28 days ago

search for “TinyVision Heterogeneous Vision AI Development Kit Quan Zhi V851WIFI ” on Aliexpress

28 days ago

Thank you for trying to help! Unfortunately I only get tons of random unrelated results here.

28 days ago

I get the same thing, I am from The netherlands.

28 days ago

me too.

a working link would be nice. Or has the product / seller disappeared from Ali?

Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

It looks like the board is not available to Europeans. Maybe some VAT configuration issue?

27 days ago

or other EU laws / regulation, for example compliancy / safety / warranty?

28 days ago

Google does give an Ali hit, but clicking on it results in “Sorry, the page you requested can not be found:(”

So: retracted? Or not available to certain countries?

28 days ago

Calling the USB-C connection USB2.0 probably just means it doesn’t support the high speed lines, just the USB2.0 D+/D- pairs and *hopefully* the CC lines, but that’s not entirely necessary.

Nice article. I’m not sure how much useful machine vision a board like this can do, but at least it’s cheap?

Norbert Kett
Norbert Kett
28 days ago

The aliexpress link is not working for me :/ (says: page not found)

Brian Webb
26 days ago

I was able to order the board in the US, but can’t find a way to buy either of the cameras. I’ve only found them on Taobao so far. I’ve found some with the same sensor but, from what I can tell, a different pinout on Aliexpress.

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