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Linux 5.2 Release – Main Changes, Arm, MIPS & RISC-V Architectures

Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 5.2 last Sunday:

So I was somewhat pre-disposed towards making an rc8, simply because of my travels and being entirely off the internet for a few days last week, and with spotty internet for a few days before that [*].

But there really doesn’t seem to be any reason for another rc, since it’s been very quiet. Yes, I had a few pull requests since rc7, but they were all small, and I had many more that are for the upcoming merge window. Part of it may be due to the July 4th week, of course, but whatever – I’ll take the quiet week as a good sign.

So despite a fairly late core revert, I don’t see any real reason for another week of rc, and so we have a v5.2 with the normal release timing.

There’s no particular area that stands out there – the changes are sosmall that the appended shortlog really is the best description of last week. A few small random changes all over: drivers, architectures, filesystem, mm, …

So with this, the merge window for 5.2 is open.

Linux 5.1 delivered higher performance asynchronous I/O thanks to io_uring interface, made further change to deal with year 2038, added TEO (Timer Events Oriented) governor for improved performance without additional power consumption, and added an option for adjusting Zstandard compression level for BTRFS file system among many other changes.

Some notable change brought out by Linux 5.2 release include:

Some changes for Arm architecture include:

Summary of MIPS updates for Linux 5.2:

and finally a RISC-V changelog for Linux 5.2:

For even more details, you can read the complete Linux 5.2 changelog with comments generated with git log v5.1..v5.2 --stat. You may also want to checkout Kernelnewbies website.

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