Firewalla Gold Intel-based Ubuntu Router Enables Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security (Crowdfunding)

We covered Firewalla based on NanoPi NEO board in mid-2018. The device is a tiny firewall, parental control, ad-blocker, and VPN appliance for end-users.

Since then they’ve launched Firewalla Blue based on NanoPi NEO2 SBC with Gigabit Ethernet and a faster processor, and now the company has just introduced the even more powerful Intel-based Firewalla Gold.

Firewalla Gold vs Blue Red
Firewalla Gold (Right) vs Firewalla Blue and Firewalla (Red)

Firewalla Gold specifications:

  • Processor – Unnamed intel 64-bit quad-core processor
  • System Memory – 4GB RAM
  • Storage – 32GB flash
  • Connectivity
    • 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports supporting over 3 Gbps in total, and up to 10 VPN connection at up to 120 Mbps aggregated bandwidth.
    • WiFi 6 module (not sure optional or included)
  • Misc – RTC
  • Power Supply – DC barrel jack

They may have designed a custom board this time, as I’m not sure which off-the-shelf SBC they may have used in their new product.
Firewalla Gold Specifications

The device runs Ubuntu Linux so the users will have full access to the operating system with SSH, and will be allowed to install their own packages. Just like the original Firewalla (now Firewalla Red) and Firewalla Blue, Firewalla Gold comes with a web interface to let users easily control what happens on their networks with features such as cyber threats protections, VPN, DDNS, SSH, Adblocker configuration. Additionally, the Firewalla app for Android or iOS enables users to set-up parental control, VPN, monitor bandwidth usage (Monthly / Daily / Hourly), and more…

Firewalla Android App

Since Firewall Gold is more powerful and comes with multiple Ethernet ports, the company also implemented new features including VLAN, network segmentation for instance to separate guests, IoT, and kids networks from your main network, network lockdown to block traffic from unknown devices, and router mode.

They’ve already raised $243,793 for Firewalla Gold on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, and if interested, you can get the router for $359, or a 28% discount against the $499 MSRP expected once the product launches. Shipping adds $20, and backers should get their reward around July 2020 if everything goes according to plans.

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