Ultenic T10 review – A self-emptying 2-in-1 smart vacuum robot with mopping function

Ultenic T10 is a 2-in-1 smart vacuum cleaner and mopping system with a self-emptying base that’s quite similar to the Cybovac S31 robot I reviewed a little over a year ago. The Cybovac vacuum cleaner still works fine, but it has some shortcomings, so when Ultenic asked me whether I would be interested in reviewing their T10 unit, I accepted, and here I am with a new smart robot vacuum cleaner that I’ll review with the Android app in a larger house.

Ultenic T10 unboxing

The package and hardware are very similar to what I got with the Cybovac model.

Ultenic T10 unboxing
The robot comes with a charging base that’s pretty large since it includes its own dust bag for the self-emptying function.

Ultenic T10 smart vacuum cleaner review

Key features listed for the T10 vacuum cleaner:

  • Navigation Type – LDS laser for visual SLAM function
  • Suction power
    • Carpet pressurization – 2700 Pa
    • Fixed-point cleaning – 2700 Pa
    • Quiet gear – 800 Pa +/-100
    • Standard gear – 1500 Pa +/-100
    • Powerful gear – 2700 Pa +/-100
  • Operating noise – Quiet: < 60dB , standard: < 63dB, powerful: < 68dB
  • Travel speed – 0.3m/s
  • Crossing height – >= 20 mm (18mm with mop)
  • Climbing angle –  >= 17 degress
  • Misc – Power and Home buttons with multi-color LEDs
  • Battery
    • 5400mAh battery good for
    • Operating time
      • 250 minutes (Quier gear), or about 200m2
      • 180 minutes (Standard gear), or about 150m2
      • 120 minutes (Powerful gear), or about 100m2
    • 5.5 hours charging time
  • Power Rating – 50W
  • Dimensions – Robot: 350 x 350 x 98 mm
  • Weight – 7.5 kg
  • Temperature Range – 0 to 40°C

Spare parts are also provided with two dustbags, a side brush, a washable mopping cloth, and a HEPA dust filter on top of the ones that are already installed. Other accessories include a remote control with two AAA batteries, a mop attachment, a cleaning brush, as well as documentation with a Quick Start Guide, and two multilingual user manuals for the vacuum cleaner and the mobile app.

Ultenic T10 spare parts
Languages provided: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Japanese. I found the documentation useful with a clear description of each component, a maintenance guide, and a troubleshooting guide.
Ultenic T10 user manual

The top of the smart vacuum robot comes with the LDS and buttons to turn on/off the device, return to base, and configure WiFi.

power & home buttons. LIDAR sensor

The sides come with vents, collision sensors, and a reset button.

Ultenic T10 air outlet reset collision sensor

The bottom of the vacuum cleaner is the only place where I saw a difference. It still comes with three wheels, cliff detection sensors, and charging contacts (those are not used with this design), but there’s only one side brush on the left, instead of two for the Cybovac S31. It does not seem to impact the cleaning performance, but it means the robot must always place itself in a way where the side brush follows walls, so cleaning may be a little slower (TBC).

Ultenic T10 robot wheels, side brush

There’s also the 2-in-1 dustbin and water tank…

2-in-1 dustbin water tank

… fitted with the usual dust filters, and we can also see the cover to fill the water tank. The water tank and dust bin are completely separate compartments.

Ultenic T10 dust filter water tank

The charging base also comes with a filter and a 110/220V socket for mains connection with the provided power cord.

auto empty base power supply

The bottom front comes with the air inlet for the auto-emptying function, as well as two charging contacts.

Ultenic T10 charging contacts dust inlet

IMHO, that design is slightly better than the Cybovac S31 that uses charging contact on the button, since it takes less place, and the robot never ends up climbing over the charging base.

charging base dust bag

If we open the top cover, we’ll find a dustbag preinstalled in the base.

Ultenic T10 setup with Ultenic Android app

Time to install the vacuum cleaner. Simply find a place close to a wall socket, with 50cm free space on the left and right, and leave a few centimeter of space between the charging base and the wall.

Ultenic T10 installation

If the vacuum power is turn on and correctly charging, the LED will be green and “breathing”, and once charging is complete a solid green should show. If the LED is not green press the Home button to make the T10 goes back to the base properly.

While it’s possible to use the vaccum cleaner with the remote control only, it’s no fun, and you’d get fewwe features, so let’s install the Android app.

Ultenic-Android account creation

You’ll need to create an account with an email address and accept the terms and conditions.

Ultenic app add new device
Then tap on “Add a Device”, and select “T10”. The app design does not look great on the screenshot above, but that’s because I’m using “Large” screen with “Huge” fonts settings and many apps do not handle this well. We’ll now need to press the power button on the device, and both Home and Power button to reset WiFi configuration.

Ultenic T10 WiFi configuration

We’ll then be asked to select Ulternic-XXX ESSID in Android to carry on with the setup and register the vacuum cleaner robot to the cloud. Note you may have to disable any firewall or adblocker (e.g. Blokada) for this step. It’s not an issue while using the app after that.


Ultenic T10 firmware upgrade

Right after the configuration was complete, I was prompted to upgrade the MCU module firmware, but I got the message “Failed to Upgrade Firmware”. It did not say why it failed, but the charge was only 67% at the time, and trying again later with Ultenic T10 fully charged worked fine. So maybe the battery needs to be fully charged, or above a specific threshold for this to work.

Vacuum cleaning and SLAM function

Before cleaning, you may remove carpets with fringes, wirings, and low devices (weighing scale) to prevent those from getting stuck or climbed over during cleaning. Heavier carpets without fringes are fine.

vacuum robot carpets

The robots can climb objects around 2cm tall, so I also had to close the sliding door to prevent it from climbing over the door guide.

sliding door guide

Noted this is only required the first time, after that you could create a virtual fence in the app.

Simply tap on “Start” to start cleaning the house with default settings. It will automatically generate a map of the house.

Ultenic T10 smart vacuum-cleaner map android app

It took 67 minutes to clean about 76 m2. The system detected rooms and I could partition the room with the map editing function. But I noticed the office (top left room) was not selectable. I think it happened because I closed the door of the office to turn on my aircon, after the room was closed, while vacuum cleaning was still in progress, and the LDS detected the door was closed so it excluded the room. I also noticed the Ultenic app got an update to add the room naming function (middle screenshot above, note: this was with the mop attachment), but I could still not manually select the office. It would still go there for cleaning as long as the door was opened. A bit later, all rooms were selectable so problem solved!

dustbin after vacuum cleaning ultenic t10

There was still some dust in the dust bin even after the self-emptying function was carried out. The vacuum cleaner works well, and the rooms were noticeably cleaner. I can also see some broken glasses and small stones, so suction is quite powerful even in standard mode.

charging base dust bag after vacuum cleaning

There was plenty of dust in the bag from the base as one should expect. I think it would only get full after 10 or 12 cycles if I clean the house once a week. For even better cleaning, you can switch to Max suction. The system also supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa, but I don’t have any smart speakers, so I skipped that part.

suction power, voice assistant, terrace vacuum cleaning

If I carry the vacuum robot in a room that’s not accessible from the charging base, the existing map would just disappear when using Cybovac S31 robot. The same happened when I moved the Ultenic T10 to clean the terrace behind the doors I mentioned above (Screenshot on the right above). But there’s a trick to recover… Go to the More Functions (four dot icon ) with additional settings including consumables record (for cleaning or changing parts), and cleaning records.

consumables record cleaning records

Here you can select a recent record from the main map, and switch the map. It’s a little slow to switch (30+ seconds), but it works, except for the names apparently, because the “Hall” is now “Terrace”.

Ultenic T10 vacuum cleaner switch maps

The room naming function is new (implemented just a few days ago), so I’m sure this little naming bug will solve shortly. I’d wish map swapping was feasible directly in the main menu. Maybe Ultenic will change that, as I’ve found then to be keen on improving their app, and attentive to my feedback.

Another reason I cleaned the terrace is to test the robot in a dirtier room. I have some plants and there were plenty of leaves.

room tree leaves

There are also some steps, and the cliff detection sensors worked as expected so the robot does not fall off the stairs…

robot cleaner cliff detection

The room was much cleaner, although not 100% perfect. I’ll call this a pass, but it’s not something I’ll do often, as I don’t think the vacuum cleaner is designed for this, and using a broom or/and water spray works well in this environment.

terrace vacuum cleaning

Once I moved the vacuum cleaner back to the room, I selected “return to base”, and had to activate self-emptying manually. The system told me the dust bag was full, but it’s not the case, and instead I think the leaves blocked the air inlet.

dead tree leaves dust bin

Mopping function

Let’s now try the mopping function. We need to fill the water tank and insert the mopping attachment as shown in the photo below.

Ultenic T10 fill water tank
The attachment is automatically detected, so we can just press Start to mob the house or room selected from the map. It works well enough, but don’t expect miracles. Dried out water/liquid stains won’t go away.

liquid stain

So I had to use an actual mob to clean it up. I suppose that’s just physics, as the relatively small vacuum cleaner can’t simply apply enough pressure to clean those stains.

manual mop cleaning

Mopping took 63 minutes for the whole house (~75m2), and I still had some water left in the water tank.

water level after mopping

We’ll finally need to take out and clean the mopping cloth, and let it dry.

Ultenic T10 mopping cloth dirty
Note that while mopping the robot still vacuum clean the place, and there was some additional dust in the dust bin.
dust bin after mopping
I’m not sure we’ll keep on using the mopping function, but just like for Cybovac S31, we’ll definitely use the vacuum cleaner function with room selection going forwards. If you’d like to see a demo of the vacuum cleaner in action, I’d invite you to watch the Cybovac S31 video, as it’s basically the same. Just mentally paint the device and base in white :).

Sharing function

Finally, it’s possible to share the Ultenic T10 among other family members or roommates. Simply ask them the install the app and register an account. Then click on the Gear icon in your app, select “Shared devices”, and enter the email(s) from your family members.

Ultenic T10 device sharing

All information about the vacuum cleaner including maps, schedules, etc… will be transferred to your family member(s) or roommate(s).


Overall I’m very satisfied with Ultenic T10 smart robot vacuum cleaner. It cleans well, the self-emptying base decreases maintenance time, and I’ve found the Android app to work well, except for a few minor bugs here and there, which I’m sure will be fixed. The vacuum cleaning function really saves time, and I find it cleans better than with a broom. The mopping function takes more steps, and does not clean as well as doing it manually, but that’s normal for this type of hardware. It also passed the girlfriend test, so if she’s happy I’m happy.

I’d like to thank Ulenic for sending T10 for review. It can be purchased for $429 on Amazon after applying the $70 coupon, or directly from the company’s store.

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1 year ago

Teardown please!

1 year ago

> We’ll then be asked to select Ulternic-XXX ESSID in Android to carry on with the setup

Are the Wi-Fi credentials transferred to the vacuum robot so the thing joins your wireless network afterwards?

1 year ago

Crazy 🙂

So not only the exact location of your house is stored at ‘servers operated by unknown people with intents unknown to you’ (AKA ‘the cloud’) but also an exact floorplan has been uploaded to the very same place.

I guess I’ll never understand how ‘the Internet of Shitty Things’ could become a thing…

1 year ago

What do You think, how many people are laying to or fooling someone for societies advantage, to meet on one average day?
Example, nowadays many hot sbc (and some of semiconductor) price increases in between manufacturers/production and sales department (some depends on external situations (incl. taxes, protective duties), others not). At least, interesting to learn from.

1 year ago

No idea what you’re talking about.

Me was talking about completely giving up on privacy and trusting into devices that should never be trusted. All devices are tracked, smartphone users reveal the location of any home router / access point just by walking by, all this data is on sale, data aggregation happens at an unbelievable scale (which ends up even in conveniently killing people based on metadata).

1 year ago

exactly, 10 bucks for a scientific study on journalism structures that sold their souls to growth within capitalism 20 bucks for agricultural self-reliance support because of post-colonial responsibilities 50 bucks for water desalination workshops on low level hardware, high level knowledge transfer (and no additional free bucks left for war heads, so no ‘knucklehead’ xills no ‘blockhead’?) it takes maybe a 1/4 of an hour objecting all legitimate interest check boxes on some sites, way over 500-1k companies connected to some advertising or data interest groups, seems they are smart (because only ‘essential’ cookies had been accepted) above is not… Read more »

1 year ago

Are you on drugs my son?

1 year ago

I’ve had robot vacuums with and without the self-emptying base station, personally it’s become a must have feature. They never make the flap for self-cleaning big enough so cat hair or as you say large leaves can block it up but apart from that the reduction in daily cleaning effort is welcome. One day I’ll try one with a self refilling and cleaning mop but they’re crazy expensive right now.

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