Renesas releases the DA14592, a new dual-core Cortex-M33/M0+ BLE chip with integrated flash

The DA14592 System-on-Chip (Soc) is Renesas’ “lowest power consumption and smallest, multi-core Bluetooth LE device.” According to the company, this chip’s design was achieved by making careful tradeoffs between on-chip memory and die size.

DA14592 chip block diagram

The chip offers an ultra-low power mode that uses only 2.3mA when transmitting radio signals at 0dBm and consumes 1.2mA to receive radio signals. It also supports a hibernation mode that uses about 90nA and can extend the operating life of battery-powered products. The active mode is best for processing-intensive products and uses 34µA for every MHz of CPU clock.

Projected key applications for the DA14592 chip include crowd-sourced location (CSL) tracking as used in Apple’s Airtags, remote control units, human interface devices, asset tracking, IoT end nodes, data logging, connected health, and activity tracking.

Renesas DA14592 specifications:

  • CPU cores:
    • Cortex-M33F running at up to 64MHz as application core
    • Cortex-M0+ at 64MHz as configurable MAC
  • Memory:
    • Embedded Flash – 256KB
    • RAM – 96KB RAM (+16KB cache)
    • ROM – 288KB (including boot ROM, PKI routines, and Bluetooth® LE stack
    • QSPI PSRAM/Flash interface
  • Wireless
    • Standards – Bluetooth 5.2 LE and 2.4GHz proprietary
    • Configurable transmit output power: -18 to to +6 dBm
    • -97 dBm receiver sensitivity
    • Single wire antenna – no RF matching or RX/TX switching required
    • High-performance mode – TX output: -22 to +6 dBm, RX sensitivity: -97 dBm
    • Low-power mode – TX output -23 to 4.5 dBm, RX sensitivity: -96 dBm
  • Peripherals
    • Audio
      • PDM interface with hardware sample rate converter
      • I2S/PCM master/slave interface up to eight channels
    • 32x General Purpose I/Os
    • 8-channel 10-bit SAR ADC, 2 Msamples/s
    • Delta-sigma (ΣΔ) ADC, 15 bits at 1 ksps, 13 bits at 16 ksps with a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA)
    • 2x UARTs up to 3 Mbps, one UART extended to support ISO7816
    • 1x SPI+ and 1x I2C controller at 100 kHz, 400 kHz, or 3.4 MHz
    • 3-axis capable Quadrature Decoder
    • 1x Real Time Clock with 10ms resolution
    • 4x general-purpose, 24-bit up/down timers with PWM capabilities
  • Security – Application cryptographic engine with AES-256 and SHA-256
  • Power/Clock management
    • Buck converter
    • Hibernation (Shipping mode) < 100 nA
    • Programmable thresholds for brownout detection
    • 32 MHz or 64 MHz system clock using a doubler
    • Fast wake-up from sleep in <15 μs
  • Power consumption
    • RadioRx = 1.2mA, RadioTx = 2.3mA
    • Active = 34uA/MHz, Hibernation = 90nA
  • Package
    • WLCSP39, 2.48 x 3.32, 0.42 mm diagonal pitch
    • FCQFN52, 5.1 x 4.3 mm, 0.4 mm pitch

The previously released DA1470x SoC shares several features with this new Renesas chip but has a dedicated 2D GPU & display controller for GUI applications. We also recently covered Renesas’ new Cortex-A55 microprocessor targeted at IoT edge and gateway devices.

Renesas has also announced an associated system-on-module, the DA14592MOD, featuring “all external components required to implement a Bluetooth LE solution.” A development kit for the SoC can be ordered from the product page and includes a motherboard, daughterboard, and cables. Also, more information about the DA14592 can be found on the product page, including a datasheet, release notes, manuals, and guides.

da14695 dev kit board

The DA14592 is currently in stock and can be bought for $4.35 per chip (with bulk discounts available). The module, however, is pending regulatory certification which should be granted around the second quarter of 2024.


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