Wistrio LoRa Tracker RK5205 Complies with 96Boards IoT Edition Specification


It’s not hard to find a LoRa GPS tracker board such as Rak Wireless RAK811 these days, but if for some reasons, you’d also like your board to comply with 96Boards IoT Edition form factor, Rak Wireless just launched Wistrio LoRa Tracker RK5205 for $49.50 plus shipping on Aliexpress and Amazon.

Wistrio LoRa Tracker RK5205
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Wistrio specifications:

  • LoRa Module – RAK5205 module with SX1276 LoRa chipset, STM32L1 Arm Cortex-M3 microcontroller
  • LoRa Connectivity
    • LoRaWAN 1.0.2 protocol
    • OTAA/ABP activation
    • Programmable bitrate up to 300 Kbps
    • Support for global bands: EU433, CN470, EU868, US915, AS923, AU915, KR920, and IN865
    • SMA & iPEX antenna options
  • Location – Quectel L76-L GNNS chip supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS system (pin-to-pin compatible with u-blox Max7)
  • Sensors – LIS3DH 3-axis accelerometer, BME680 environmental sensor reporting gas, pressure, humidity and temperature data
  • Expansion Header – I2C, GPIOs, UART and ADC
  • Power Supply – Rechargeable battery via micro USB port, or 5V solar charging port
  • Power Consumption / Low power modes – 16uA (sleep mode), support GPS Power-off mode, MCU & Sensor Support sleep mode
  • Dimensions – 60 x 30 x 11.45 mm (96Boards IoT Edition)

96Boards LoRa GPS TrackerDocumentation is available on both 96Boards and Rak Wireless websites . The recommended programming method is basically the same as RAK811 using CooCox IDE in Windows.

The form factor is not the only difference compared to the company’s existing RAK811 GPS tracker board, and Wistrio board has several advantages as shown in the table below.

Power Consumption16uA (sleep mode)200uA (minimum)
Support GPS Power-off modeNo low power GPS mode
MCU & Sensor Support sleep modeThe firmware does not support sleep mode
InterfaceI2C, GPIOs, UART & ADCNo I/O interfaces
Dimension60 x 30 x 11.45 mm55 x 22 x 17 mm
BandSupport Global Multiple BandsNot support for 433MHz/470MHz
SensorsLIS3DH & BME680none
Antenna OptionSMA & iPEX can be switchedonly SMA antenna

Wistrio LoRA Trackr 5205 will ship with GPS and LoRa antennas, and a micro USB cable. The company also informed me they are working on an enclosure for the board that will be sold separately.

Wistrio Pinout Diagram
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1 year ago

Does the battery charger actually work on this version?