Wireless M-Bus & LTE Cat 1 sensor board also supports Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave, Bluetooth LE 5.0, LoRa…

Geniatech SCB32IM is a sensor board based on Silicon Labs EFR32FG14 Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller with a sub-GHz radio enabling wireless M-Bus (Wireless Meter Bus) designed for remote reading of smart meters, and also equipped with a Quectel EC200S “IoT/M2M-optimized” LTE Cat 1 module.

The sensor module does not actually come with any sensor on board, but provides a terminal block to connect any sensor you may need for your product. It’s also possible to extend wireless connectivity options with Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave, Bluetooth LE 5.0, LoRa, and more through the GT-IoT interface with UART, SPI, and one GPIO.

Geniatech SBC32IM specifications:

  • Microcontroller – Silicon Labs EFR32FG14 Aem Cortex-M4 MCU @ 40MHz with up to 256 KB flash, 32 KB RAM, and proprietary 2.4GHz and sub-GHz radios
  • Wireless connectivity
    • Wireless M-Bus
      • S Mode: 868 MHz band
      • T Mode: 868 MHz band
      • C Mode: 868 MHz band
      • N Mode: 169 MHz band
    • LTE Cat 1 via a Quectel EC200S module supporting LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD up to 10 Mbps (DL)/5 Mbps (UL) with GSM fallback, and a Nano SIM card socket
    • Wireless expansion via 10-pin GT-IoT header – Z-Wave 7, ZigBee 3.0, LoRa, or BLE 5.0
    • Antenna connector
  • Terminal block for sensors with RS-232/RS485 (wired M-Bus), GPIO, analog input, PWM, I2C
  • Misc – Reset button, 3x LEDs, DIP switches for configuration, hardware watchdog
  • Power Supply
    • 12V DC/1.5A (7~60V wide voltage design)
    • Battery connector
  • Dimensions – 93 x 68mm
  • Weight – 65 grams
  • Temperature Range – Consumer :-40°C to 85°C Tj; industrial: -40°C to 105°C Tj
  • Certifications – RoHS and Reach

Geniatech does not provide information about the firmware, but development should most probably be done through Silicon Labs’ Flex SDK.  The company says the board is especially well-suited to the design of wired meters, wireless meters, tracking systems, electronic shelf labeling, and sensor protocol forwarding solutions in a range of sectors including industrial automation, factories, mining, electric power, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, transportation, military, security, etc…

Geniatech does not provide availability and pricing information for the SBC32IM wireless M-Bus & LTE Cat 1 sensor board. Further information may be found on the product page.

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